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Wordless (Mostly) Wednesday

I don’t have a lot of words this Wednesday but I do have a graphic that I think is a wonderfully accurate of our current situation.

I snagged it from Laurie (hoping she doesn’t mind) and just couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Credit for the graphic can be found at the Accidental Fire blog.

Have a good day, friends. I hope to be chattier tomorrow.

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  1. Oh my. LOL Someone I saw on twitter yesterday wondered if sweatpants sales were up 400% lol.

    Sending you love today… all the love. xoxo

  2. So true! LOL I’ve been wearing “lounging” clothes (daytime pjs) for a while now as my dress of choice. Also been finishing some “2nd” socks that had long been put aside for ages. Have a great day Carole!

  3. I needed pajamas and they were OUT OF STOCK at a few stores last week. If there’d been a “wine” line on your chart, for me it would’ve started near the sweatpants line in January and surpassed the coffee line by now. πŸ™‚

  4. This is hilarious and also extremely accurate! The two most precious commodities in my house (at least as far as I’m concerned) are coffee and Internet access. Though I agree with Mary that there’s a wine/booze line that’s missing!

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