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Hello, June

June is my favorite month of the year for a myriad of reasons. Our weather is at it’s finest. We celebrate two very important days in June: our wedding anniversary and Dale’s birthday. And for the past few years we have vacationed in Maine, although that’s not likely to happen this year. The arrival of June has always made me happy. And, while it still does, my heart is also heavy.

Heavy with worry for Dale. Not because he’s not making progress (he is, and it’s wonderful), but because of the challenges he’s facing (okay, we’re facing) due to an accident.

Heavy with worry about how to go about reopening my library. Making decisions that will keep the staff safe and the patrons protected, balancing demands for service with risk.

And heavy with worry about our country. The pandemic and the toll it is taking on our people, the ones who are sick and dying, the ones who are working so hard to save them, the ones who are trying to lead despite the lack of information and supplies and materials, and the impact to our economy. And racism that is systemic and infuriating to witness over and over again. While so many things have been put on hold during the pandemic, racism certainly has not and as white allies we must recognize our privilege and we must be the ones who fight for our solution. I’m working on how to put my thoughts, anger, sadness, and frustration into action and I’ll admit that I don’t yet know what I’m going to do . . . but putting these thoughts out here is where I’m starting.

So. June. Along with your long lovely days, I’d like to ask you to also bring kindness and empathy. Minds that are willing to consider new ideas, ears that are listening, and mouths that are speaking up about injustice.

It’s way past time.

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  1. I feel heavy with worry too and I’m really trying to remain optimistic. It’s our 35th Anniversary today and our trip was canceled but I’m grateful for so many things. My husband also broke his leg after a bad fall a couple of years ago. I remember being so worried for him. It was a stressful time for us too. Sending hugs and prayers.

  2. I am Also hoping June brings a creative curiosity, deep listening, and mindful pauses as we continue to learn how to work and live together.

  3. I share your worries and hope that June can bring a beginning to all the things you have wished for. We all have to listen, learn, and do better.

  4. Well said Carole, thank you! It certainly has been a hard last 6 days! Hope Dale is healing without any complications, bones sure take some time to mend and its a bit longer time as we age….uggg!
    My library opened up last week, can reserve books, call number on building and book will be place outside on table for you to pick up. Not the same as browsing the shelves but it’s a great start!

  5. Amen to all of that, Carole — I couldn’t agree more. I hope that June brings healing and health to you and Dale!

  6. I think we are all feeling so much of what you wrote. It’s a very unsettling time in our history. I am happy to hear that Dale is progressing well, that is wonderful news and I know you will both meet the challenges head on and with grace.

    Most importantly, I hope that as people we can go forward with kindness, empathy and ears that listen, truly listen to the people.

  7. I made the decision today, Tuesday, that tomorrow my blog will return to positivity with a dash of thoughtfulness. The past nine days have been awful. Now it is time for hopeful action. And speaking of hopeful action, give Dale a hug from me. Glad to hear he is progressing. (Remember, patience is a virtue.)

  8. So glad to read that Dale is making progress! and sharing the heaviness. Pema Chodron’s Tonglen practice is helpful … breathe in the pain, the heaviness, the worry and breathe out healing, light, and hope. xxoo.

  9. Indeed everything seems to be a real sh*t show right now. Am hoping for continued progress with Dale’s healing-I had 2 broke legs when I had my car accident in 1993-along with a new born. I totally get what you are facing and what Dale is experiencing, and it is tough. Sending healing vibes your way.

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