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Walk With Me Wednesday

I’m happy to tell you that the weather cooperated and we were able to get out last Sunday for a walk and some forest bathing.

A few weeks ago I spotted a sign for a trail behind the historical museum in a nearby town. We started there.

It’s a lovely little road paved with fallen trees.

And some buildings at the end, including this old blacksmith’s shop.

Also? Very short. Very very short. So we went on the search for someplace more . . . extensive . . . to walk. We wound up at a local Mass Wildlife spot and took a walk around some abandoned cranberry bogs.

The colors are gone and it’s mostly brown now but the winterberry was vibrant! It stood out in big patches across the fields and bogs and, while I tried to capture photos that really showed it, this one is the best I got.

The forecast is looking hopeful for this Sunday, too, and I’m already contemplating where we should go!

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  1. That walk may have been short, but it looks very lovely and full of fall. Your photos are great, including walker in the woods Dale.

  2. I an envious of your forest bathing, Carole. It seems the perfect time to do that, to seek out nature and peace and connect to the greater world in a safe way. I hope you have a great walk this weekend. Dale looks like he is doing well with your walks!

  3. Oh wow, that winterberry is GORGEOUS!! We have some milder weather the next few days… may finally be able to get Ducky put away for the winter.

  4. I’m so fascinated with the idea of living in an area that has cranberry bogs. It sounds so out of the ordinary and spectacular! Hope the weather holds for you. We were having 2nd summer but it turned cold yesterday and it will probably stay that way now. I’m excited to be able to wear a sweater.

  5. I love finding winterberry at this time of year! Such a bright spot! And I’m so glad to see Dale out and about and walking with you. XO

  6. Seeing Dale “on his fee” is a real treat. Glad you are able to get out and discover some treasures that don’t exist on a pavement or sidewalk.

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