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Rio Calina Cowl

Are you ready for some knitting? It’s been a while, that’s for sure. It’s been such a while, in fact, that I don’t have stats on this particular item. I started on vacation back in August. And I finished it in early October.

It’s the Rio Calina Cowl by Cat Bordhi. It’s free and it’s fabulous and she released it at the same time as she let the world know that she would soon be dying. Tragic and sad, yes, but beautiful and self-less and inspiring, too. The picture above is the front.

And this picture is the back. Both are after it was blocked and sewn together obviously. And the sewing together is the only tricky part. Luckily for me I was able to FaceTime with Sean so he could show me how to do it. I’m still not quite sure how it worked, all I know is that it did and it came out great!

I even took a selfie to model it for you! Details are on my Ravelry page but I feel obliged to tell you that this is fast and fun and would make a wonderful gift if you’re a gift knitting type of person. And when you make it and gift it? Tell the person you give it to all about the brilliant Cat Bordhi.

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  1. Carole, love it! Color looks beautiful on you. Can’t wait to start one for my granddaughter-in-law who also looks great in cowls. Right now working feverishly on fingerless mittens for teen grandchildren and greats for Christmas.

  2. Your cowl does look lovely and warm! I’m glad you noted that it was fast and fun. I looked at the pattern and thought it sounded as if it might be just a bit over my fiddliness threshold, but I might give it a try. Enjoy and stay warm!

  3. Good color on you, Carole. It looks wonderfully cozy. I thought at the time she released it that it was a going away present from Cat, but a very poignant one. I hope you enjoy wearing it!

  4. It’s lovely, and what a beautiful tribute to Cat Bordhi! I attended a sock knitting class with her years ago and paused for a minute this past weekend to remember her as I packed up the book she signed…

  5. That’s lovely, Carole! Cat was one of a kind. I feel fortunate to have taken a class from her once! She even autographed my foot. 🙂

  6. You look fabulous and that color on you is perfect! Cat was such a gift to the fiber world and she will be greatly missed. One less star in the sky…or maybe one more. ??

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