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December Weekending

Even with COVID, we are making merry over here. This past weekend we . . .

Made cookies and candy. Spritz, pictured here, but also ginger cookies and lemon crinkles, peanut butter balls and toffee. Usually I’d be doing this with Doreen but we decided that wasn’t a good idea so I made cookies on my own. Funny thing, it went faster . . . but it wasn’t nearly as fun.

On Saturday night we watched A Christmas Carol, the version with George C. Scott. It’s our favorite and we always save it to watch right before Christmas. This year we got sushi and I dubbed the evening Sushi & Scrooge. I hope this is a tradition that will stick.

And on Sunday we made krumkake, a new tradition for us. I invested in a krumkake iron a couple of weeks ago, thinking it would be a good way to spend some pandemic time together. I was right! While it took longer than I anticipated, Dale stood at the stove with that krumkake iron until all those cookies were done. They are light and crispy and pretty tasty!

It feels good to do some of these traditional things, even as we’re missing looking forward to our annual Christmas Eve Open House. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say I’m not missing (at all) the thought of making 8 lbs of Swedish meatballs . . . or any of the other food, really . . . but I am missing the thought of the people we love most gathered in our home to celebrate, singing and laughing, eating, and drinking, exchanging gifts and hugs, and just being together.

Some day that will happen again but in the meantime I am embracing this season of quiet and peace and reflection.

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  1. I haven’t made any cookies because I didn’t think that John and I needed them, but after seeing yours, think I was wrong! They all look delicious, and I’m also going to read about those krumkake.

  2. Looks like a delicious weekend! (And I got a good chuckle from that krumkake Wiki entry — “Not to be confused with crumb cake”!) I suspect what most of us are missing this year is being with other people, but I am very confident that we’ll be able to be with them at this time next year. I am trying to think of this as one blessing of the pandemic — it’s really making us treasure and appreciate what’s so important, and that’s other people.

  3. Me, too, Carole. Just trying to appreciate what I do have every day, and it’s a lot. Your cookies look delicious. My first husband was 2nd generation Norwegian, and he loved Krumkake with tyttebær (they called they titaberries, but they are cowberries I think) that his Norwegian grandmother made every Christmas.

  4. Our driveway cookie swap was a huge hit … of course it helps that we live someplace where we can sit outside (and knit!) on a December afternoon (bundled up in coats and boots, still!) I’m imagining that next year’s holiday gatherings are going to be all the sweeter for knowing how we missed them this year.

  5. All looks lovely and yummy as everything else you make. But I’m hereto admit my Swedish meatballs come from Ikea. The gang loves them and well I’m the biggest fan cause I don’t have to make them from scratch.

  6. I really enjoyed the absence of hustle and bustle this year. We kept many of our traditions in some form which I think is totally OKAY! Hopefully we’ll all come out of this with a better perspective of what’s important. Wishing you and yours a very blessed 2021 [which is less than 5 days away?!]

  7. I’ve hardly had any Christmas treats! One box of cut-out cookies from the coffee shop that I’d intended to decorate, but nope. I’m still hoping to make Buche de Noel for our belated Christmas get-together.

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