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One Little Word Update: February 2021

It’s the 4th Tuesday of the month and that means it’s time to join up with Carolyn and share how I’m doing with my 2021 One Little Word: Create.

I’m happy to say that I’ve stuck with the prompts from Ali Edward’s class for the 2nd month in a row. This is truly an accomplishment because February is always the dreaded vision board month and I’ve always avoided the prompt. It’s not that I’m opposed to creating a vision board (or collage, as we called it back in the ’70s) it’s just that I don’t subscribe to magazines and that right there creates a problem when it comes to gathering materials for the project.

But, Carole, you might say, you work in a library! Yes. Yes, I do, and this year I remembered to snag some of the magazines we were discarded before they were gone. I cut out lots of photos and words, basically anything that made me feel good. After a few sessions of that I sat down with my pile and started sorting and studying. It wasn’t long before I realized I had two things coming through in a big way . . . nature . . . and serenity. I arranged and rearranged and finally settled on this layout:

I kind of love it! I had fun creating it and it’s now propped on the mantel in my studio. I am going to print out a photo of it for my One Little Word binder and journal on the other side about how those photos and words make me feel.

I think they illustrate in a really fabulous way so much about the life I am attempting to create.

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  1. This collage was wonderful. When blowing it up l couldn’t clearly see all the inspiring words tho l deduced most. Indulge in your imagination sparked my attention! Thnx for the beginning of my day uplift!

  2. I LOVE it! XO And that’s just how vision boards are “supposed” to work . . . you don’t make it WITH a vision. You just let your vision emerge in the making. I’m so glad you stepped out in your discomfort . . . and CREATED something special for yourself.

  3. Ah, collages!! I’d forgotten how fun they are. I hope this continues to inspire you to follow your vision. Good job!

  4. It’s funny how the new branding turned “collage” into “vision board” — I made collages all the time as a kid and had no idea I was so ahead of my time! I really like your plan for incorporating the collage into your journal and capturing your plans in words and images.

  5. I really like how you remind us that it’s just a collage; it sounds much less intimidating! It’s also wonderful that you recognized that nature and serenity were showing up and saw the vision in your collage.

  6. Fun! I’m also stymied by a lack of magazines although recent clearing of storage has unearthed a bunch…maybe I’ll take the time to do this on the next bad weather day. Thanks for the inspiration . I think I’m still going to call it a collage 😉

  7. I kinda want to LIVE in your vision board! (Something happened for me when it went from ‘collage’ to ‘vision board’–and I’ve never stopped to think about the what or why. I’ve made many a collage in my life, but few (to none?) vision boards. For me, I think there’s some kind of expectation there. Who knows what. But how you shared your process feels pretty darn inviting! Thanks! And I’ll bet you’ll love having that propped up in your studio!!

  8. oh Carole – WOW! I made ONE collage all the years I took Ali’s class (2013/grace) and the collage I made is still one of my very favorite things I’ve ever made. Your collage captures so much in that “small” space and I know you’ll get a lot of joy just looking at it. Having a smaller version for your journal seems perfect, too.

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