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Simple Indulgences

The other morning, as Dale and I were making the bed together, I was remarking on how much I love brand new sheets. And Dale mentioned someone he read about who was very rich and only wore underwear and socks once and threw them away. That sounded like an urban legend to me but I did google it and it turns out that Floyd Mayweather (who I had never heard of until now and certainly never thought would be showing up in a story on this blog) wears his boxers once and tosses them. For the record, I don’t think that’s who Dale meant.


That would not be something I would do should I find myself with unlimited funds. But it got me to thinking . . . if I had lots of money and I had to spend it only on things for myself or my home (not for helping my family or changing the world for better or travel, in other words, which are at the top of my list of things I’d do with loads of money) what would I want to indulge in?

The answer takes us right back to the opening sentence of this post. Sheets. I would want brand new sheets, that had been washed and line dried, on the bed every night. I love how crisp they feel, I love how the fitted sheet is taut and not all wrinkly, and I adore the way they smell. And they would be brand new, but washed and dried outside on the line, every day. And someone else would change them. Heh.

This is a silly post and I know it. But my brain is preoccupied and it’s all I’ve got right now. So, indulge me and tell me, what’s the thing you’d want to have as new over and over again?

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  1. Like you, I love beautiful sheets and am always on the lookout for special ones, not only for our bed, but also to cover the couch – a king sheet and some king pillowcases, and everyone thinks we have gorgeous and seasonal upholstery! And kids and pets can slobber all over them and I can just throw them in the washer (and yes, dry them outdoors.) But since Ralph Lauren has quit making beautiful and sturdy fabrics, I’m up the proverbial creek, sheetwise.

  2. Oh I do love sheets dried on the line! It’s warming up here and I think the flannel sheets will come off the bed and fresh ones will be put on. Maybe I should go out and buy some new ones???

  3. I think it might be sheets for me, too. That may be partly because it’s supposed to be 60 degrees here and my sheets are already in the washing machine to hang outside. (Sadly, I’ll have to put them back on the bed myself.) I thought about new books, too, but I’m finding that I like reading used books.

  4. Who would want to wear brand-new underwear every day? That’s just silly. But fresh sheets every day? That’s an idea I can get behind.

  5. Not a silly post at all, Carole! Maybe this is a female thing? I love clean sheets so much that my husband laughs at me. I would not need a new set every day, but having clean, crisp sheets on the bed every night is definitely one of my ultimate luxuries. I truly believe I sleep better on clean sheets.

  6. I’m definitely in the fresh sheets club. I’m not sure I could sleep well if they were new, but fresh, oh yes! I put fresh sheets on the bed before we travel if I have time, if not I definitely change them the next day. It prolongs that pampered feeling. I also change them if I’m sick enough to stay in bed. But that’s less than once a year. Also? I would not have anticipated reading about Floyd Mayweather on your blog either!

  7. oh, I love that photo … your bed-view is so warm and inviting! and I am having trouble thinking of anything I’d want to be new over and over again. I find well-used and “known” things to be more comfortable. That said, I would love to experience Harry Potter again for the first time. and Schitts Creek.

  8. Socks. New socks. Un-stretched out, un-worn out at the toe, not saggy, new socks to gently cuddle my feet. Pretty socks that don’t look like they have been stuffed inside boots all winter. Wool handknit socks that haven’t begun to felt at the heel. Pretty, snuggly new socks.

  9. That’s a big YES to the fresh sheets — they don’t have to be brand new everyday — but clean, line-dried, and with someone else changing the bed everyday. Hell yeah.

  10. Me too!!! Oprah I remember, always said that the first thing she bought once she had money was towels…so similar. Yes I would love it if someone else would wash and line dry and ultimately change the bed for my fantasy to come to fruition!!

  11. Oh, my!! I’m so with you on this! My husband is amused by how much joy fresh sheets bring me and he gently mocks how particular I am about our bed.

  12. I would also love freshly laundered sheets daily…as long as someone else was making the bed.

    And a fresh bouquet of flowers every day would be nice.

    Hmmm, maybe a massage too. 😉

  13. I am so with you on that sheet thing… especially someone else putting them on the bed! LOL

  14. What about kitchen chores…cooking and washup. I like to cook, but not everyday or every meal. God bless my mother for doing it all those years! As for washing up, I’m just lazy and have a dishwasher for most of the stuff.

  15. I have a bit of a sheet obsession! I have vintage French linen sheets and pillowcases on my bed — they are all over 100 years old. The linen back then is quite different from the linen you can get today. A fabric conservator told me that the flax plant itself has changed so you can’t get the same quality! I would love to have freshly laundered sheets scented with lavender every single day but since I am the laundress, it happens once a week.

    A drawback to 100-year-old sheets is that there is no fitted sheet — I use a flat sheet and laboriously tuck it in all around the mattress.

  16. Good linens are a must for me. I splurge on them every couple of years (or so). I love the crisp feeling and wish I had a line to dry them on! I still can smell the aroma of line-dried sheets! Heaven!

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