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Eye Candy Friday

My gardens are starting to really come to life and after so much neglect last year (I was busy taking care of a guy with a broken leg) they are starting to look healthy again. The lily of the valley is just about gone now but the early daylilies are blooming and the clematis looks ready to pop. I picked this sweet bouquet the other day and it has brought me joy all week long.

Find the joy this weekend, friends.

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  1. Lily of the valley is such an old fashion flower, and too beautiful to forget. Happy weekend!

  2. I love Lily of the Valley — it still reminds me of my kindergarten teacher, even all these years later (they were her favorite flower). The ones growing in my neighborhood seem to all be brown now, boo. So I’m patiently waiting for *my* favorite flowers, my hydrangeas, to start to bloom.

    Happy weekend!

  3. What a sweet little arrangement! I just love that boot . . .
    Lily of the Valley brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood. We had a big patch of them at the side of our house when I was growing up, and they were such magical flowers for me. Fairy flowers! I used to take them in big batches (arranged by my mom) to my teacher . . .

  4. Lily of the Valley is so pretty, and I love the fragrance. I hope you continue to have lots of joy this weekend, too, Carole.

  5. Such a lovely spring photograph!

    Lily of the Valley is my mother’s favorite flower. So delicate, and soooo not her!

    They are so wrapped in the memories of my childhood. For her 80th birtday, we had them, in icing, on the top of her cake. She was touched we remembered.

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