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A Poem for June

Hello, June
Hello to your long lovely days and languid nights
Hello to exploding gardens where we do ignore the weeds and exclaim over hot pink peonies
Hello to ripe strawberries ready to pick and eat with homemade whipped cream
Hello to wedding season and June brides and memories of 24 years ago when that’s what I called myself
Hello to celebrating my beloved’s 70th trip around the sun and all the gratitude that comes with a life well lived
Hello to dinners outside under a string of lights, to sweating wine glasses and good steak on the grill
Hello to flickering flames from the fire pit and the smell of toasting marshmallows
Hello to Maine and lobster and a week gazing at the ocean
Hello to slowing down and relishing every moment of my favorite month of the year

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  1. June is usually such a lovely month. I hope it is for all of us this year. We deserve it! LOL Happy June, Carole!

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