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21 In 2021 6 Month Update

We are half way through 2021 and it seems like a good time to check in on how I’m doing with my 21 in 2021 list.

  1. Run for selectman again
  2. Renew passports
  3. Deal with the big bag of socks (still sitting on the floor in my bedroom but on the list for spring cleaning)
  4. Get an estimate for the dining room floor (I’m thinking we’re going to postpone this until at least next year given the fact that materials have gotten so damn expensive.)
  5. Learn to knit brioche
  6. Learn to knit intarsia (not yet and I haven’t even considered it because wedding knitting)
  7. Complete 2 creative writing prompts each month (on track)
  8. Celebrate the 8 Sabbats (on going and on track as I have observed Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane and Lithe. My steam has run out a bit but I’m going to reenergize myself for Lammas and Mabon!)
  9. Learn about crystals (not yet but Hannah loaned me a book)
  10. Complete my Peloton Century Ride
  11. Learn to make stuffed artichokes for Jessica (not yet)
  12. Learn to make Italian meatballs
  13. Take a virtual cooking class
  14. Bake with Jackie
  15. Keep Mama Cass alive & bake sourdough bread regularly (so far, so good)
  16. Plant flower and vegetable beds (2 beds of zinnias, the first of which bloomed yesterday, and one bed with summer squash, cucumbers and tomatoes)
  17. Watch a movie outside (not a movie but we did watch the Boston Pops 4th of July concert outside on the deck so I’m counting this as done.)
  18. Do two puzzles (not yet)
  19. Learn one new skill, ideally something to do outside (I hope to try the stand up paddle board on vacation on the Cape next month. I’m also considering learning to tie-dye which should absolutely be done outside.)
  20. Do all 12 OLW Prompts (on going and on track, I have done 6 months so far)
  21. Get all the golden tools in Animal Crossings (on going and on track, I have the golden axe, the golden slingshot, and the golden watering can. I have 2 fish left to catch to earn the golden fishing rod and 7 bugs to earn the golden net. I should also be getting the golden shovel soon since I’ve helped Gulliver close to 30 times now. )

So I only have 2 new things completed since I last updated this list in April. I have plans for just about everything on the list, though, and this is a good reminder for me to stay focused on my list.

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  1. You’re doing an amazing job! You may have only crossed off two items since your last check-in, but quite a few items on your list are ongoing things that you won’t be able to cross off until the end of the year, and you’re on track with all of them. Keep it up!

  2. I looked at my list the other day and there are some big things that I need to reconsider. But it is so good to have a place to aim our intentions. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Wow, look at you go!
    Our builder (in Oregon) has said wood prices are coming down, so there’s that. Not true if it is the same in the Commonwealth!

  4. Excellent work Carole! And the floors…heck if you did them this year they would probably buckle with all this damn rain! 🙂

  5. ah, this is such a fun list! and I think tie-dye at the cape sounds like a great plan!! (I’m only a little bit jealous of your summer vacationS!)

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