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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: The Wedding Sweater

The day has come where I can finally show you pictures of the finished Wedding Sweater. Knitting this for Hannah brought me so much joy . . . and so much stress!

The pattern is Argent and we chose it after lots of perusing of Ravelry and lots of discussion about what Hannah wanted as well as what I felt capable of knitting for her.

The lace edges and cuffs are what make this sweater special, although I do wish the lace pattern had been charted. The rest of the sweater is garter stitch and, while it was simple enough to do, I knit this on size 2 needles so it was definitely a labor of love.

The yarn is JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk, a cone that Sean gifted to me the minute he heard I would be knitting Hannah a sweater to wear over her wedding dress. It’s light and airy and also surprisingly warm so it was really perfect for the occasion. The single pearl button at the neck came from my Nana’s button box.

It fit her perfectly and complimented her dress well. Simple, but with those special lace details. I’m sharing this photo because it not only shows that gorgeous lace cuff, but also shows Hannah’s something borrowed, a heart shaped pin with open shutters. It belonged to my mother and she wore it every Christmas, saying that her heart was . . . wait for it . . . open. It was perfect for this occasion and a beautiful reminder of my mother’s love on this day.

The weather on the day of the wedding was ideal, sunny and clear, with brilliant blue skies and not a drop of rain or touch of mist. Hannah was comfortable enough for the ceremony without the sweater but she made a point of wearing it later in the day for some of the professional photos and that touched this mama’s heart deeply.

I always thought I’d knit Hannah a shawl to wear for her wedding day and when she asked for a sweater I was a little disappointed. In the end, though, this was perfect. Comfortable, warm, and lovely, it made me so happy to create this new family heirloom for my daughter.

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  1. This looks perfect for the occasion on a beautiful bride. I think Hannah can wear this other times if she chooses to. You really did a gift of love with those tiny needles.

  2. Oh, Carole. It’s so perfectly, perfectly wonderful. Hannah is such a beautiful bride in a picture-perfect setting. Every single thing is perfect. (How many times can I use that word in one comment????) I love it. XO

  3. It’s such a stunning sweater and so beautifully went with everything else. I certainly hope she remembers that beautiful day every time she wears it!

  4. You knit your daughter an amazingly beautiful sweater! I love the lace details, along with the pearl button and your mother’s pin. So lovely and just perfect!

  5. Well done, Carole. Beautiful sweater she can enjoy forever, a wonderful reminder of a mother’s love. She was an absolutely lovely bride, and the last pictures is fabulous.

  6. oh Carole – thank you for sharing all those gorgeous photos! I think y’all chose a sweater that was the perfect mix of “sweater” and “lace” and she’ll treasure (and wear!) it for years.

  7. What a beautiful heart-felt gift from you to your daughter. You both will remember the gift and the day forever. Your daughter is a beautiful bride. Congratulations.

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