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21 in 2021, 3/4 year update

We are three quarters of the way through 2021 and I think it’s a good idea to check in on how I’m doing with my 21 in 2021 list. Because, let’s face it, it’s becoming do or die time.

  1. Run for selectman again
  2. Renew passports
  3. Deal with the big bag of socks (still sitting on the floor in my bedroom but on the list for spring cleaning)(now moved to the closet but still not dealt with)
  4. Get an estimate for the dining room floor (I’m thinking we’re going to postpone this until at least next year given the fact that materials have gotten so damn expensive.)(This is going to have to wait until we figure out what we’re doing with the wood stove because when that goes we will need to do the living room floor and we are thinking we’ll do both rooms the same.)
  5. Learn to knit brioche
  6. Learn to knit intarsia (not yet and I haven’t even considered it because wedding knitting)(not yet and probably not this year at this point)
  7. Complete 2 creative writing prompts each month (on track)(I have completely fallen off the creative writing wagon but I have a plan to get back on track)
  8. Celebrate the 8 Sabbats (on going and on track as I have observed Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane and Lithe. My steam has run out a bit but I’m going to reenergize myself for Lammas and Mabon!)(Mabon is next week and it’s one of my favorite Sabbats so I’m excited!)
  9. Learn about crystals (not yet but Hannah loaned me a book)(same)
  10. Complete my Peloton Century Ride
  11. Learn to make stuffed artichokes for Jessica (not yet)(this seems like a good fall project, I’m currently searching for a good recipe)
  12. Learn to make Italian meatballs (and I just have to say that now I make them all.the.time!)
  13. Take a virtual cooking class
  14. Bake with Jackie
  15. Keep Mama Cass alive & bake sourdough bread regularly (so far, so good)(I didn’t bake over the summer because it was too hot but I’m feeding Mama Cass again and ready to bake bread soon)
  16. Plant flower and vegetable beds (2 beds of zinnias, the first of which bloomed yesterday, and one bed with summer squash, cucumbers and tomatoes)(we had great success with tomatoes and the zinnias are insane!)
  17. Watch a movie outside (not a movie but we did watch the Boston Pops 4th of July concert outside on the deck so I’m counting this as done.)(And hoping to do this again now that it’s not so hot and it gets dark earlier, too)
  18. Do two puzzles (not yet)(I sort of forgot about puzzles, I’m going to get cracking on this)
  19. Learn one new skill, ideally something to do outside (I hope to try the stand up paddle board on vacation on the Cape next month. I’m also considering learning to tie-dye which should absolutely be done outside.)(Still nothing and still open to suggestions for this.)
  20. Do all 12 OLW Prompts (on going and on track, I have done 6 months so far)(still on track)
  21. Get all the golden tools in Animal Crossings (on going and on track, I have the golden axe, the golden slingshot, and the golden watering can. I have 2 fish left to catch to earn the golden fishing rod and 7 bugs to earn the golden net. I should also be getting the golden shovel soon since I’ve helped Gulliver close to 30 times now. )(well, this is not going to happen this year. I have 2 bugs left to catch [the golden stag and cicada shell] and they won’t be around again until next July. I have one fish left [the golden trout] and it’s available until November so I am hopeful about that and I should be getting the recipe for the golden shovel any time now but still, I’ll be missing that golden net without those two bugs.)

Alright. I’m prioritizing the bag of socks, the puzzles, and the stuffed artichokes! Wish me luck!

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  1. Outdoor skill should be pretty doable still this year. If the dye work doesn’t appeal, why not learn to use some of that sourdough to do pizza on the grill? Reasonably attainable skill and you can eat the evidence until you perfect it. As my hubby says, “There’s really no bad pizza.”

  2. You made yourself a fun 21-for-21 list, Carole — and you’ve had great success all around! (Flexibility is key, so some of those “not yet” goals can be finessed to fit your life as it is now, toward the end of 2021.) (But you know that.) 🙂 We also are looking at replacing our flooring — but also waiting. Not only because building materials are so expensive now, but it’s also near-impossible to get on anyone’s schedule for the actual work AND the delays once you get on the schedule are unbelievable! (We’re still waiting for our exterior cedar siding repair/painting and replacing-all-the-doors project to happen — originally scheduled for LAST fall. And our doors still haven’t arrived. It’s so frustrating. . . )

  3. Your list is ambitious, Carole, but you have made lots of progress on it! I thought you were thinking of smoking meat for your outside skill? A smoked turkey for Thanksgiving? Robby’s pizza suggestion is good as well. I am on a wait list to have some necessary work done on the house, and it is ridiculous how long it is going to take to get it done, so I think your plan to wait on the flooring is a wise one. Hopefully things will get back to normal sometime in the next year or so when more people are back to work.

  4. Your list is looking good in terms of things completed and plans for the future (far better than my own list that I haven’t even looked at in months)! I don’t know how handy you and Dale are (I’m thinking pretty good), but you might consider doing the flooring yourself. We did the bathroom and kitchen in the MD house with LVP and found it surprisingly easy. No swearing and no fights, but the materials may be harder to get than when we did it. Also, you can time travel in AC if you’re interested (just set your Switch date back to July). I still have two bugs left to capture but will need to time travel to do it. I only play about once/week, so I will probably wait until winter to attempt this.

  5. I think you’re doing pretty darn well! I also need floors very badly but the prospect of moving the furniture (and where the heck to put it) has been enough to have us look away. And outside…you could do that geocaching that we talked about before?

  6. Ooooh, stuffed artichokes! I love stuffed artichokes, but I learned about them in New Orleans. I think they might be different from other types of stuffed artichokes? (I use Emeril’s recipe, but that’s because I learned to make them when I cooked at one of his restaurants.)

  7. I’d completely forgotten about this list, so fun to revisit and learn where you’re still focused. I think you prioritized three VERY GOOD items – and – obviously! – have MUCH to celebrate for what you’ve already finished!

  8. Mama Cass! Maybe that’s why me and my sourdough starter had to sort ways…we weren’t on a first name basis. Though I will say the one thing I made with the discard was a fail and I called it some interesting names. ???? it felt like such a waste of flour and water.
    Love your lists and the discipline you have to get a plan and make some progress!

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