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One Little Word Update: September 2021

The prompt for this month over at Ali Edward’s was to write a poem. Ummmm. You can bet I had a bit of trepidation surrounding this process. However, Liz Lamoreux was running the program and she created 2 documents that made writing a poem a pretty simple and ultimately fun thing to do. I’m sharing mine with all of you today.

I am new colors, trusting myself and living an authentic lift
I hold pain and gratitude at my center, honoring all of my feelings
I reach toward sunshine, old books, and the serenity of a forest, seeking peace
I am joy and sadness, wonder and confusion
I am writing, building community, and embracing the routines and rituals of each day
I hold love in the highest place, knowing I am worthy of all that comes to me
I am inspired

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  1. So I’m reading this on the heels of reading Kym’s post, and this almost feels like a manifesto poem. I think of a manifesto as ‘my ways of being’–and your poem speaks to that beautifully and succinctly.
    (I never would have thought to put it to poetry!)

  2. oh my, Carole – that’s stunning! I know Liz is a great teacher, but those words are inspired and you, my friend, are inspiring!

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