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Joyful Wednesday

The thing that is bringing me joy this week is probably very obvious, given that one week ago right now we were dealing with the aftermath of a very powerful nor’easter. Yes, I’m talking about . . . electricity. It’s so easy to take it for granted and, boy, when it’s gone, it’s so hard to do without it.

We got our power back just after 7:30pm last Thursday night, about 42 hours after losing it and about 10 minutes after plugging in a borrowed generator. I’d like to say that I embraced our forced down time but . . . I did not. It makes me cranky to not be able to turn on the lights. It makes me cranky to not be able to get a news update. It makes me cranky to have a cell phone that doesn’t work because the cell towers are all jammed. And it really makes me cranky to not be able to make coffee in the morning.

In reality, we have a pretty good set up without electricity. Our hot water is gas and works even if the power is out. Our cook top is gas so I can still prepare food, we have a wood stove so we aren’t cold, and I’ve got loads and loads of battery operated candles and twinkle lights so we aren’t really in the dark. And yet, even with all of those things in place, I miss WiFi and charging devices and downloading books to my Kindle.

There are lessons here, as always, about lifestyle choices and mindful living and finding silver linings. But for now I’ll just say that electricity and cable television and WiFi are joyful things to have.

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  1. Agreed, power is such a magical thing when it comes back! Glad you weren’t out too long, but that’s long enough. We have a whole house generator to power my husband’s necessary equipment, so I am truly spoiled, and I know it. I hope you get through the rest of the season without having to deal with this again. Happy Wednesday, with power!

  2. I know most people have Keurig coffee makers, but we still have a drip maker and bought a camp stove coffee pot for just emergency purposes, they work great on gas (and) electric stoves. Electricity definitely is wonderful to have and it’s amazing what happens when you don’t. We become lost and don’t know quite what to do. For me personally, I can do without WiFi, internet and cable tv, it’s nice but something I can live without because it allows me to enjoy the simplicity of quiet. Enjoy your day and I am glad your power is back on.

  3. This! And I am so glad your power is back on!

    And I would make a small plug for the purchase of a Bialetti moka pot… all you need is water, coffee grounds, and a gas stove! Voilá… coffee sans electricity! Why you could even heat a small bit of milk on the stove and get one of the battery operated whisk/frother thingys… a nice cuppa makes a power outage a bit more bearable.

  4. I’m okay with the electricity being out for about 36 hours, and then I start to get cranky and worry about all the venison that’s stored in two freezers. We didn’t have power for eight days after Sandy, and that was a bit too long. I’m glad yours is back on, and maybe if you figure out the coffee situation, it might even be fun!

  5. It’s a bit eye-opening to realize just how dependent we are on power (and the Internet!), even when we can manage pretty well without it. I am glad that though it was probably boring and frustrating to be without power for all that time, at least you were kept warm and fed — those are some pretty important things!

  6. I don’t believe in having to find silver linings when things that are okay go away. (But I’m also not a forced gratitude person!) You are totally allowed to think that not having power is the pits. It is!

    Welcome back to the bright side. ?

  7. Electricity is everything and when it goes down it is so hard to not feel cranky, I know I do, other than it gives me an excuse just to read with my kindle.

    Last week when I was shopping for something..and our store shelve are challenging right now and a woman was complaining loudly. I quietly said, I think we just need to be patient for a spell. She laughed in a nice way and said, “I guess I am just not a patient person, but I am trying”. It’s definitely a challenging time for us all and hopefully we will find our way out of this as a country.

  8. French Press. has saved my life more than once during power outages! and the gas logs in our fireplace make the room cozy even if it’s not very well lit. Still … not having internet is the hardest part for me.

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