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Joyful Wednesday

Of course the thing, or should I say things, that’s bringing me joy this week is having kittens. Fred and George are fun to play with and very very fun to snuggle with. They are growing more comfortable in their new home and exploring more as a result but they are still pretty well behaved. They love to play under the dining room table (Dale calls it the kitty jungle gym) and they have their moments where they chase each other through the house . . . and then they collapse on the couch and sleep for hours. They call to each other when they are in separate rooms and they meow with different tones and inflections to the point where I’m pretty sure they are having entire conversations.

Bringing two kittens into our lives at this time was not a decision we made lightly but it’s one that is clearly going to bring us a lot of joy.

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  1. Oh, yes, so much joy to bring pets into a petless home after much reflection on whether or not you want to go down that road again! I have done that again and again, promising myself “no more pets” until I realize I miss the joy they bring so much. I am glad you are enjoying your decision to bring more chaos of the pet kind into your life. If you like animals, they do bring a dimension into your life and home that nothing else can. I want updates of their adventures and growth, please.

  2. Kittens are SUCH joy-filled creatures. I’m so glad you’ve got George and Fred . . . bringing joy to your days. XO

  3. I’m glad Fred and George are bringing lots of joy! A friend lost her husband last year and she was recently considering getting a kitten for company. She ultimately decided against it because she’s 68 years old with some health issues and didn’t feel as if she could guarantee that she’d be around for the lifetime of the kitten. I felt sad for her; a goldfish just isn’t the same!

  4. I love the names you chose for your two new kittehs! Perfect for a book-loving mom. We used to call the space behind the couch Fortress Kitty Kat because the dogs could not reach them there; Younger Son even made a sign “Fortress KK” to hang on the end table that was the entrance. The dogs couldn’t read, but they couldn’t reach the kittehs, either.

  5. Weekly post please! The Adventures of Fred and George. (Carole’s children’s book!!! When you need an illustrator let me know – I’ve got a perfect one for you.)

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