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Remember weekending posts? They sort of went away with the arrival of COVID but I actually had a weekend of things worth sharing. I even took a couple of photos.

Friday was a day for lists and errands. Fred and George were a huge help, as you can see. In the evening we started our Christmas Movie Marathon by watching Christmas with the Kranks.

Saturday was our big town Christmas festivities, complete with a parade, craft fair, food vendors, and performances by our local students. We obviously couldn’t have this event last year and it felt so good to get back to it. I marched in the parade with my fellow board members and then hung out at the craft fair with my fellow Kiwanians. I snapped this photo of my friend Tom driving the Grand Marshal of the Parade, Sue, and her granddaughter in his new Mustang convertible. Kiwanis chooses the Grand Marshal for the parade every year and this year we chose Sue because of how hard she has worked throughout the pandemic to do contact tracing and vaccine and testing clinics and more, often working 7 days a week without complaint. It was a well deserved honor!

And here’s Jackie with Santa. Does Santa look at all familiar? He didn’t to Jackie, thank goodness, but the clever among you might recognize him as my guy Dale. This was a bit of a full circle moment for Dale as his dad, Jack, played Santa Claus at the first ever Christmas on the Common back in 1984. I get all verklempt just thinking about it.

In the evening we went to Tom and Anne’s for a gathering of the Kiwanians who worked so hard to pull Christmas on the Common together. We enjoyed each other’s company along with delicious food (I made my first almond cake of the season) and it felt . . . normal. And also pretty wonderful.

On Sunday we finished up (most) of the Christmas decorating at home, hanging the outside wreaths and getting up the lights as well as a few more things inside. The tree isn’t up yet but I’m okay with that and I know we’ll get to it soon.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It’s so good to see some normal holiday celebrations are going forward. I didn’t recognize Dale at first, either, so clearly he did a good job of disguising himself!

  2. That will be a great picture to show Jackie when he’s older! Dale makes a great Santa, and Patty writes a great comment!

  3. What a great weekend, Carole. I laughed out loud at Patty’s comment. I hope you enjoy every minute of your holiday, and you are off to a good start. Happy Monday!

  4. What a great First December Weekend, Carole! and that Santa, I’m verklempt too (how did Dale handle it … I sure hope Santa didn’t cry!)

  5. What a great picture of Santa and Jackie. And wow! Jackie is growing FAST. Sounds like a wonderful weekend – so many great things.

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