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A Desk of My Own

Just over a week ago I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook page with a picture of a desk and it said, “free! come and get it!” I immediately texted said friend and asked if it was still outside and he said yes and Dale and I jumped into the truck and headed over to grab it.

I rearranged some things in my studio: I moved my sewing table into the guest room, I packed up my fiber stash (I can’t even remember the last time I sat at the spinning wool), I moved my Cricut supplies out of the cabinet they were in and into the bench where the fiber had been, and then I moved that cabinet on out of the room. You can see how the studio used to look here, if you’d like.

It was a very simple process and literally took less than 30 minutes. And then Dale and I brought this desk upstairs and put it under the window and I sighed with contentment.

It’s in near perfect condition and it fits under the window like it was made to go there. I have wanted a space like this in my studio forever . . . a space to sit and plan and stare out the window, a space to work on my computer and write lists and make plans, a space to journal, a space with great lighting for zoom meetings, a space to work on OLW and to create art.

I’ve already spent more time in this room than ever before and I love it. My buddies cuddle in the chair to my left to keep me company and it’s all just . . . good.

Could I have bought a desk and had it here ages ago? Absolutely. But I never did because, you know, shopping and making decisions and . . . ugh. This free one, though? Perfection.

And the truck is already paying for itself, too.

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  1. Terrific! That desk looks like it was made for that spot. Your studio looks so nice. I am in the process of reimagining a space in my home but first have to deal with all the clutter.

  2. Perfection, indeed! I would love to have a space like that, but as you said, shopping and making decisions is really ugh. And since I don’t have a truck, there is the hauling… Congratulations on your new space!

  3. I love it when things work out like this! I agree that it looks perfect in that space. And you certainly can’t beat the price or the ease of picking it out! šŸ˜‰

  4. It’s wonderful when things fall perfectly into place like that, and so much more satisfying than if you had gone out and bought a desk. I’m not a big believer in “everything happens for a reason” but you did have the truck and a way to transport the perfect desk. Enjoy!

  5. Everything about how the desk came into your home and how you made space for it – literally and figuratively – is delightful. I look forward to seeing you on a Zoom call with that great lighting!

  6. Your friends picture of a desk made everything fall into place and now you have a room of your own! Needs change over time. Making a desk the center of my room, my home, really, was a good move. A new space is a draw and you’ll be creating a whole new way!

  7. I love it!! It’s so nice to have a space like this. (those kitties are sitting on my chair though…just sayin’..LOL)

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