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An Unexpected Staycation

Last Monday I tested positive for COVID. Yep. Dodged it for two years and it finally caught me. Luckily, I felt relatively fine. I had a stuffy nose, a mild cough, and I lost my sense of smell and taste. I followed the CDC guidelines and stayed at home for 5 days and, because I was not debilitated from sickness, I made myself a list of things I wanted to accomplish during my forced staycation.

clean out upstairs closet
move winter clothes to upstairs closet
put away Easter decorations (there wasn’t much but still, it was way overdue)
plant caladium (all of my other containers were already finished)
bake something (I made brownies)
open my Fab Fit Fun box
clean out and organize under the bathroom sink
plant zinnia seeds

I also finished 3 books, did some knitting on my musselburgh hat, and made/watched some TikTok videos.

You know what I didn’t get to do? Go to The Avett Brothers and Ringo Starr concert that had been postponed for two years and was finally happening on Thursday. And go see Coldplay in New Jersey on Saturday. Yeah, that kinda sucked.

Still, I’m grateful for a home that fills me with peace, being content with my own company, and the pursuit of hobbies I enjoy.

I’m also very very grateful to be fully vaccinated and boosted. Thank you, science.

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  1. I’m glad you didn’t have any bad symptoms and got through COVID relatively easily. The missed concerts really suck tho!

    I( just tested myself since I am taking my kitty to the vet for his annual check-up this morning and I’ll be in close proximity to the vet and the tech — still negative, amazingly!

  2. I’m sorry you got it but am glad to hear you weren’t seriously ill — and that you used your quarantine time productively! I have a feeling that we’re all going to get it eventually, but thanks to vaccines, it seems most people aren’t getting seriously ill.

  3. We took our boosted, masked selves to see family graduations in another state a couple weeks ago. The day after our trip home I got a Covid exposure notice, first ever. Two PCR tests later, I’m happy to have dodged it still, but wearing a mask at home = no fun.

  4. I think all of us will get it eventually, but so far I have dodged it. I am so glad you were not feeling sick, Carole. And I am impressed with your productivity! I don’t generally get that much done when I am feeling well. LOL Hope you continue to feel OK and are back to work soon.

  5. Oh, Carole. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling bad, but good to hear you’ve had a mild case — and a good attitude!

  6. Oof! I am so sorry you’ve been feeling bad (that lost taste and smell might be the worst!) I am with Kym… so glad you had a mild case, a good attitude, and a list of things to occupy your days!

  7. I’m sorry you got covid, but certainly glad it was a relatively mild case. The neighbors on both sides of me have tested positive, but I’ve only been in contact with them outdoors, so I’m not too concerned. It’s a silver lining to being home sick to feel well enough to get some things done! (I hope Dale doesn’t get it.)

  8. So glad you had a mild case and are feeling better now. You sure got a lot done in 5 days! So sorry though that you missed those concerts.

  9. Oh dear! I’m so sorry to hear this, but thankful it seems to have been a mild case. I can’t believe how much you accomplished in your forced staycation – I probably would have napped and knit and read and that would have been it! I agree with others that I think all of us will eventually get it…hopefully being vaxed and boosted means a mild case for all of us.

  10. Sorry about missing the concerts however so glad you had a mild case! Your list of stay at home activities is impressive 🙂

  11. I dodged it too for two years and was shocked when I tested positive. It wasn’t too bad but I was boosted too. I’m glad you are feeling better. Bummer about the concerts.

  12. Carole – so many of my friends are testing positive these days – I’m sorry you joined their ranks, and I’m glad you had an OK time (is your sense of smell/taste fully back?!). Yay for science getting us to this point where a positive test likely means a staycation and not a scary time in the hospital!

  13. Glad you’ve made it through okay Carole! It really seems to be everywhere right now. And I agree – yay for science!

  14. Glad to hear you had a mild case. My niece had it last week and luckily her two kids didn’t get it.
    You did have a productive week.

  15. I’m so sorry you caught the virus and sorry I am so behind with blog reading to not wish you well until now. We have (knock wood) been able to dodge it, too but feel it is just a matter of time. xoxo

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