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August Vacation Recap

Hey there . . . I’m back from vacation with stories and photos to share. Grab a drink and a snack and let’s get right to it.

We spent the first weekend at home and then last Sunday we headed to a local campground for 4 nights. This was double the length of our previous excursion with Huck and, while it was still not quite long enough, it was a great time away.

This was also our first time setting up on our own and it went pretty well as we figured out things like water, electricity and sewer hook ups without too much trouble. In other words, we were relaxing before we knew it! We took a walk around the campground, finding the small pond, the camp store, and other areas of interest. And then we settled in at our picnic table with drinks, snacks, and dominoes.

Except. While I remembered the game, I forgot the trays we use for holding our dominoes. So, we improvised with leveling blocks. Clever, for sure. It wasn’t ideal but we managed.

We had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken and local corn, our first meal inside the camper. It was cozy and special and we watched some tv (roughing it, you know) before heading to bed.

It rained pretty much all day Monday and I’m not complaining about it because we needed the rain so desperately. And also, it gave me an excuse to stay inside and read. We played cards in the evening and, while I had planned a meal of meatball subs, I realized (at about 7pm) that I actually forgot the meatballs. Whomp whomp. Thank goodness for the emergency box of macaroni and cheese I had stashed in the cupboard.

On Tuesday, the kids joined us. They had a separate site that Jess, Jackie & Hannah shared. Eryk and Mikey were around off and on but both had to work so neither was there the entire time. No sooner had the girls gotten their tent and EZ-Up set up than the rain came down. Hard! There was thunder and lightening and it was like giant buckets of water were being dumped right on top of us. The road was a river of watter, and Jackie was a little nervous about the thunder, but once we were all in the camper together it was kind of fun. Crowded. But still fun. I had originally planned hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner but I wasn’t about to cook in the deluge so we sent Dale out for pizza instead.

Jackie fell asleep on our couch after dinner and the rest of us had a fun time just hanging out.

I also snapped this photo during a break in the action between storms. The colors of the sky were amazing.

Wednesday was a beautiful day. Warm and sunny with the occasional puffy cloud. Dale cooked fried dough for everyone for breakfast and then the kids headed to the pond. They swam and I hung around the campsite, puttering and reading and knitting and enjoying the peacefulness of the whole thing.

There was a ban on camp fires when we arrived on Sunday but they lifted it on Wednesday and we had an enjoyable and relaxing time around the fire that night. We toasted marshmallows and told stories and hung out. It was really pretty perfect.

On Thursday morning we packed it all up and headed home to these two. They were very glad to see us and I think they are getting used to us being away for a few nights. At least I hope they are. I’d love to bring them with us but I honestly think they are happier at home even if they do miss us.

We spent the rest of the week and weekend just being home. Catching up on yard work, picking tomatoes (about 20 ripened while we were away!) and cucumbers, puttering around the house, and planning for the return to work. (Tomorrow for me and Wednesday for Dale.)

I made pizza on Saturday night and we had a perfect little fire on the deck to end the week. I’m content with everything we did and the time we had together and I think this camper thing is going to be pretty awesome.

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  1. It sounds wonderful, Carole! You were missed, but it sounds like you had a lot of new-to-you experiences with Huck. Welcome back!

  2. Nothing like coziness in a rainstorm! Sounds like a good balance of fun activity and relaxing. Welcome back.

  3. What a fun time and yay for rain… gosh it is been so dry! I think your adventures with Huck are just so fun, Carole!

  4. Sounds wonderful, Carole! (Thunder sounds so much louder when you’re in a tent . . . ) I’m so glad you and Dale have had time for camping before the fall flurry of activity (and work) begins again. Does Huck have any adventures lined up for fall??? XO

  5. It sounds wonderful! I’m sorry it rained on you but certainly glad for any rain. Food always tastes better when you’re camping, whether it’s macaroni and cheese, pizza, or somemores. Welcome back!

  6. Welcome back! Sorry about the reality of work, but…some things can’t be avoided. I’m not surprised to hear how much you are enjoying Huck. Isn’t it fun? And yay for stashed mac & cheese and for a pizza run in the rain. That shot of the sky over the pond is amazing – gorgeous!

  7. That sounds just perfect. I really need to make plans for getting our camper out next year. Jackie’s looking so big!! And that “between storms” photo is beautiful.

  8. Welcome back! I’m not at all a camper, but I must say, you make it sound pretty appealing – so glad you’re enjoying it and getting the whole family to participate is awesome!

  9. Glad you had fun! We camped every summer when I was a child from when I was 6 Months old (I got sick so that trip was short) up until I was about 19.

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