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Hello, September

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Three On Thursday post in order to welcome the month of September . . .

The first of every month is a clean slate but the first of September is an extra special clean slate.

To me, it’s a time for fresh starts and renewal of purpose. New notebooks and sharp pencils. Crisp mornings that carry a hint of fall followed by warm afternoons to remind us that summer is still here. There are flowers to pick and produce to gather, made all the sweeter by the knowledge that they are slowing down. There is a return to routines and schedules, a sense that it’s time to get back to serious life after the thrill of summer.

On my horizon for the month: Hannah’s birthday. And mine. A weekend camping trip. Dinner guests and local gatherings. Spending time in my studio. Plus all the other expected and unexpected things of life.

Here’s to a long, slow, and wonderful September.

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  1. I’m already enjoying some early morning coolness today and maybe I’ll get myself a new notebook and sharpen some pencils. A Happy September to you!

  2. September has always been my favorite month. Looking forward to warm days and cool nights. Just what I need after a very hot summer.

  3. I really can’t believe it’s already September . . . but I’m ready for a bit more return to “routine.” Just a bit, though. . . 😉

  4. Your plans have a “back to school” vibe, Carole. We generally don’t get a lot of cooler temps until October, but it is beautiful here this morning. Clear blue skies, 65 degrees, sunshine! It doesn’t get any better than that. Welcome, September, indeed.

  5. Ah, my favorite season and favorite month (my birthday month too). It was definitely cooler this morning and it just felt wonderful. I had put new sheets on the bed yesterday, so I slept really, really well. I have errands to run and flowers to pick…hopefully some figs too! Happy September Carole!

  6. September is my favorite month and it’s my birthday month too! I love the cooler nights, the crisp blues skies, and the sense of new beginnings. Hope your September is a good one!

  7. I often wonder why September still feels like a new beginning to me. No schoolkids, no seasonal changes (apart from September being the hottest month of the year). But it still makes sense to me to start new projects in September. Wishing you a great month!

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