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Hello, October 2022

I’m starting something new here on the blog. On the first Monday of each month, I will welcome the month and then share some thoughts about it . . . things I want to do . . . goals I want to meet . . . feelings about life in general. I’m hoping this will be a touchstone each month, both for me in terms of slowing down the alarmingly fast passage of time, and for you in terms of offering something interesting to read and ponder.

So. Welcome, October ’22 . . .

I will take care of my spirit by doing my best to embrace your cooler temperatures by enjoying the coziness of my home. Lighting candles and twinkle lights. Cooking things that make my house smell wonderful. Fully enjoying the first fire of the year in our wood stove.

I will take care of my body by having my annual physical, a colonoscopy, a 6 month dental check up, and a massage. I will continue my yoga practice, strength training and riding the Peloton and I will do those things for the joy of doing them and without any intention of changing my appearance.

I will hang out with friends. I will go to work and attend meetings and volunteer my time when I’m able. I will knit (and finish!) Dale’s hat and my Icelandic cardigan. I will spend some time planning knitting projects for the upcoming season and I will work on my One Little Word, practice.

I will do my best to enjoy everything that comes my way this October.

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  1. I like this approach. Go grab October by its fall-ish wonder and ignore that thing that comes after.

  2. October is my favorite month, so I think you have a wonderful plan for how to maximize enjoyment, Carole. Oh, if we could only have 2 Octobers and one less February!

  3. What a wonderful way to welcome the new month — and set your goals/intentions for the weeks ahead. (And, yeah. Count me in as another membeer of the 2-Octobers, 0-Februarys camp!) XO

  4. That’s an excellent list, Carole, especially the items related to taking care of yourself! I hope you are able to fully enjoy the month and all it has to offer without feeling rushed through it.

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