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Field Access

Last week, the bestie and her husband invited Dale and I go with them to a Patriots Football viewing party at Gillette Stadium. And what is a viewing party, you might ask? It’s what it sounds like: you meet up with a large group of people and you all watch the away game being played on gigantic, multiple screens. This particular viewing party was sponsored by Shawn’s union and it included all kinds of delicious food and access to the field.

That’s right. We went on down to the playing field and walked right out onto it.

Let me tell you, that field is bigger than you think! I mean, I know it’s 100 yards but until I actually walked those 100 yards from end zone to end zone, I hadn’t really considered that it’s a lot of ground. And I wasn’t running while carrying a football and being chased by other people.

We had a lot of fun, posing in silly positions, running into the end zone, and generally pretending to be professional football players.

Dale even got to pose with Pat Patriot and a few of the cheerleaders.

The best part? The Pats won. The second best part? No traffic!

10 out of 10, highly recommend.

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  1. VERY FUN! and what a pretty day for watching In Person! (also had fun reading through the last week of posts … happy NOVEMBER!!)

  2. Too fun! I had never heard of such a thing! (although I think they must do something like this in Pittsburgh?)

    Great way to enjoy the out-of-doors and watch the game with fans!

  3. Sounds like you guys had almost as fun as being at a game. Next time you think about those 100 yards, think about the 16 year old marching it toting a tuba in an itchy wool uniform keeping in step while puffing out a tune. So glad band kids can letter like sports now. Now, about Dale posing for that Heisman.

  4. That sounds like great fun, Carole! And such a lovely day for it, too. So glad you and Dale had the chance to go. XOXO

  5. That sounds like fun! I’m glad you had such a nice day for it. I was a majorette and we always marched with the band at halftime. A football field gives you plenty of room to spread out and twirl a flaming baton!

  6. That looks like fun for a sports fan, but since I am not one, I probably won’t be attending any stadium parties. For those of you who are, it looks like a perfect day.

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