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Simple Life Hacks

There are 2 things I’ve . . . discovered . . . lately that have improved my efficiency and planning and, given my lack of new knitting content, I’m sharing them with you today.

First, I get some of my best ideas when I’m driving. I’ll be listening to a podcast or an audiobook or just thinking deep thoughts and I’ll come up with an idea for a blog post or remember something I need to write down on a list (shopping, blogging, writing) but I’m driving so there’s no way to take a note. You know what I do? I text myself. I use talk to text with Apple CarPlay and just text myself whatever it is I want to remember. It works great and I can’t believe I’ve never done it until recently.

(The other place I get great ideas is in the shower. I haven’t figured out a way to remember those thoughts yet but I’ll tell you this: I write fantastic blog posts in the shower!)

Another thing I’ve started doing, and it’s really incredible that I’ve never done this until recently, is I schedule blog post ideas on my Google calendar. I have several calendars I maintain, both for personal and professional stuff, and I simply created a new calendar for blog posts. This has helped me stay on track with my ideas for posts as well as other posts I write on particular schedules like Read With Us posts, my monthly welcome posts, and Museum of Me posts.

Finally, a bit of housekeeping. Our Read With Us discussion for The Marriage Portrait is going to be on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 instead of Tuesday, January 10th. This change is on me as I have to attend our town’s bicentennial kick off event on that Tuesday and Kym and Bonny decided they’d rather move it to a date when I can be there than to do it without me. I hope you can all adjust your calendars as well. Oh! And speaking of The Marriage Portrait, I see that it’s Reese Witherspoon’s choice for her December book club. Read With Us was ahead of the curve on that one, friends!

That’s my Wednesday jumble of thoughts. Have a great day!

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  1. What a great idea to text yourself! I compose my best blog posts in bed, in the middle of the night. at least that’s how I remember it the next day … when I’ve completely forgotten what the post is even about!

  2. I also email myself but these are often late at night and sometimes I have to decipher them in the morning.

    I guess your town wasn’t willing to change their date? What’s one extra day in 200 years?! 🙂

  3. Thank goodness for modern technology making it easier for us to remember things! I wish I had a trick for remembering things that occur to me in the shower; the best I can do is repeat it until I get out and can write it down.

  4. Great hacks, Carole.

    I used to have a very stressful job. I had a little voice recorder (pre-cell phone) and one day on my drive home I recorded all the things I had to do the next day to get ready to have a day off the following Monday. One day off. When I played that back I could hear the stress in my voice and the ridiculous number of things I was supposed to handle, and right then knew I needed to quit that job.

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