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Museum of Me: December 2022

It’s the season of gifting and in response the Museum of Me exhibit has been updated accordingly. In other words, today I’m talking about the best gift(s) I’ve ever received. To set the stage, I’m only considering Christmas and I’m only considering my childhood years . . .

It was Christmas 1972. I was 7 years old. And I got an indoor playhouse. I still remember coming downstairs that Christmas morning and seeing it set up by the fire place and instantly falling in love. It was heavy cardboard covered in printed plastic to make it look like a little house. The front side had a door with a window (with shutters that closed) next to it. There was also a window on the back and the roof had a hinged window that you could open and (spoiler alert) pop up out of to . . . surprise everyone.

It was not something I had asked for but it was perfect for me. I suggested that I could take all of my unopened gifts inside and open them from there. As you may have guessed, my mother nixed that idea. But I did spend as much time in there as I could, both on that Christmas Day and in many many days to come. I put on puppet shows. I filled it with pillows and read books. I had tea parties with my imaginary friends.

Looking back, I realize that it was the perfect gift for introverted me. I could retreat when I needed to and come out when I had to. I wish I had a photo of it but I hope I described it enough so that you can picture it. And me inside of it, happy as can be.

Thanks for visiting this month’s exhibit.

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  1. That sounds like the perfect gift for you – you described it beautifully and I love how you talked about how it made you feel. ??

  2. I suspect that house gave your mother great joy too. To have surprised you with something you loved so much was a clear parenting win. I had an outdoor playhouse my dad built. He cleverly built it from small trees from our property that he placed close enough together to give it structure, but far enough apart (10”, maybe?) so Mom could check on us from the kitchen window or patio. In the summer, we grew Morning Glories all around it for shade and walls of flowers. Thanks for sharing your memories and bringing back one of my own.

  3. That house sounds wonderful! Sometimes the best gifts are those that you didn’t know about to ask for but someone really knows you and gifts you with the perfect thing.

    There used to be an appliance store in town and they were always trying to get rid of appliance boxes. One day I got the idea that the kids and I could build things out of those huge boxes so we did. We did this for 3-4 winters, building various houses and even a castle. When they got worn out, I just recycled them.

  4. That sounds like a magical and wonderful gift Carole! I would have loved to crawl in there and read books all day long!

  5. What a great gift! Your descriptions have placed your playhouse in my minds-eye. What a lovely spot to escape to! XO

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