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When I can’t think of anything to blog about, I know it’s time to do a Right Now post . . .

Reading: The Love Songs of W.E.B Dubois. It’s excellent but it’s loooooong and I feel like I’ve been reading it forever at this point and I’m still only at 50%.

Writing: My speech for our town’s bicentennial kick off which is tonight. Dale is Chairman of this committee and his group has been working hard for over a year to start this celebration and I’m excited that it’s finally here.

Watching: I finished the most recent season of Firefly Lane last week and it’s really good but whoooa that cliffhanger. Dale and I are just about finished with the current season of The Crown and then we will probably start Three Pines.

Knitting: I started a pair of arched gusset mittens over my Christmas break and they just need thumbs at this point. I also started a pair of . . . socks! It’s been quite some time since I knit socks.

Loving: Winter lights and décor. That’s right, my twinkle lights are still up and I’ve still got candles in the windows. I have no plans to stop as I love the coziness and soft light they provide.

Observing: It’s still light out when I’m driving home from work!

Researching: My family tree using Ancestry. I got a DNA test on Cyber Monday and got my results last week. I’ll share more about this soon but it’s really fun.

Snuggling: In bed as much as possible now that I’ve put the flannel sheets on. It’s super cozy and feels indulgent and I love it.

And that’s all for me today!

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  1. I might need to put flannel sheets back on the bed! We had them on in December, but switched back to regular sheets when it go so warm. But it’s chilly again, so… I can’t decide whether to watch Three Pines or not. The pictures I’ve seen of it are turning me off – the characters don’t look anything like I have pictured them! Have fun tonight and enjoy the celebration!!

  2. I love flannel sheets season! 🙂 (Although I never want to get out of bed due to their coziness . . . ) I’m glad you’re liking The Love Songs of W.E.B. DuBois, but . . . So. Very. Long. I’ll be really curious to hear what you think about Three Pines. And I’m with you re: twinkle lights! I usually need them through February. . .

  3. I am another one on the Twinkle Lights Bandwagon! They are the best things ever! I agree with Love Songs… so long, (and in the end, I was not sure what could be edited out, but still… so. long!)

    I watched 3 Pines… And here is how I got through it… I watched it as characters with the same names but entirely different. And since the story lines don’t match up to the books at all, it worked for me.

    And I, like Vera had flannels on the bed, took them off, and if the forecast for this cold spell holds, they will go back on. They are so lovely to sleep on!

  4. I was really disappointed in the latest season of The Crown and even though I only read the first two Louise Penny books, Three Pines didn’t interest me very much. I am enjoying this latest season of All Things Bright and Beautiful. Happy Bicentennial!

  5. Love our snuggy sheets – in our case, cotton knit. I could happily stay in bed all day!
    All our lights are still up; we need the cheeriness.
    Watched all of Three Pines. It gets successively darker, but it’s very good. It also answers the question: is it only small English villages where a murder happens every week?
    For thrills and chills, start the new season of Vienna Blood on PBS. Right after the always heartwarming All Creatures, etc.

  6. I’m sure your speech was amazing – and wow! A bicentennial!! Love the cozy, snuggly vibe (as I sit all cozy in my chair with a blanket and a warm puppy beside me).

  7. I hope the speech went well last night! I’ll be interested in hearing more about your DNA results. I did it several years ago, but my results had zero surprises. Oh well!

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