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Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I had a perfectly lovely long weekend.

We went to the home of a former coworker Friday evening and had a wonderful time, eating snacks and pizza and cupcakes and catching up. This is something we usually do before Christmas but we had to postpone because they had COVID. Honestly, I enjoyed it more in January and I might suggest that for the future of our winter gathering at their house.

On Saturday, Dale and I went to the RV & Camping Expo in Boston. It was at the Expo down by the seaport and it was really well organized and run, with shuttles from the parking lot right to the front door. And it was a gigantic show with sooooo many campers to explore. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t vendors there displaying and selling accessories but it was definitely fun to see a whole bunch of campers in one place. I’m happy to say that I didn’t see one in our size range that I liked better than the one we have. I’d gladly take one of those fancy RVs, though, if someone wants to give me one. Seriously, 2 full baths is more than I have in y house!

On Sunday and Monday I lazed around at home. It snowed just enough to make things look pretty and make the house feel extra cozy. We took down the Christmas tree (finally, right?) but still have winter trees up along with greens and twinkle lights for atmosphere. I read a lot and played some video games and did some cooking. We also started watching Three Pines and I like it but I think for fans of the book series it’s best to approach it as a completely separate thing from the books.

The one thing I didn’t do all weekend? Take a single photo! But, since every post needs at least one photo, I’m sharing my 2022 Top Nine collage from Instagram.

How was your weekend?

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  1. That does sound like a fantastic weekend! And I’m all for postponing some of December’s gatherings to January (that’s also why I send New Year’s cards).

  2. I am in awe at 2 bath RV’s! That just is crazy! LOL

    And hurrah for long weekends, right? 🙂

  3. I think planning some gatherings for January is a great way to beat the post-holiday letdown.

    Two bathrooms on an RV? Sounds nice — until you realize that’s two more bathrooms you have to clean!

  4. Those 2-bath RVs might have more than your house, but they also might cost more than your house! It sounds like a great weekend, and I love all the dahlias in your IG photos!

  5. I love the idea of get-togethers in January instead of during the heat of the holiday season. Something to look forward to after the holidays are over. Sounds like your weekend was a perfect mix of things to do and places to go and people to see. I love the pic of the cats in the basket!!

  6. I have never really . . . understood the allure of RVs. (I mean . . . I do understand. I just wouldn’t want one.) I love your little camper, Carole. And can’t wait to see what you do with it/where it takes you this season. 🙂

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