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Treat Yo’Self

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I have wanted this specialty bread pan for ages. And I resisted buying it. Not because it was too spendy but because it felt too specific. A bread pan for just the fall? Where would I store it the rest of the year? And was it worth buying something so seasonal?

The short answer is YES. The longer answer is that I realized I could store it with my fall decorations in the attic for the rest of the year. And also, it’s always a good idea to buy something that brings you not just joy but also a delicious treat.

I’ve made 2 pumpkin breads so far, one with a cream cheese ribbon down the middle and one that is deeply spiced. Both have slid out of the pan effortlessly, both have resulted in beautifully defined breads, and both have been absolutely delicious.

Maybe you’re contemplating doing something that feels a little frivolous or a little indulgent. I’m here to tell you to go for it.

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  1. I’ve seen that pan and thought about it (as well as other seasonal ones). Your bread looks delicious! I finlly found fresh cranberries in the grocery store the other week, so I’m looking forward to making some pumpkin bread with cranberries and pecans in it!

  2. Every time I get a new King Arthur catalog I lust after the specialty pans. I have a couple but have managed to resist buying more because I’ve finally gotten the kitchen pared down to essentials. But this one is lovely and I bet that pumpkin bread with cream cheese in the middle tastes even better when baked in this pan!

  3. What a FUN bread pan, Carole! And storing it with your fall decorations is genius! 🙂 (I store all my cookie cutters and my cookie press with my Christmas decorations . . . because I don’t use them at any other time of year.) The bread looks festive and wonderful — and I’ll bet it tastes even better baked up in that pan!

  4. Excellent storage hack. I had a few specialty baking pans that were released into the wild when we moved twice last year. There are just two of us and in a defensive maneuver for my health, I try to share my baked goods with family and friends. I now tend to bake my quick breads as muffins. But seasonal muffin wrappers might be worth considering. Thanks for inspiring that idea.

  5. Oh, Carole! Those are GORGEOUS!! Almost too pretty to eat! 🙂

    I was thinking that would be the perfect gift to give a daughter that loves to bake! Thank you for the inspiration (and sharing that they came out of the pans easily!!)

  6. Carole, that bread looks delicious (and thank you for the recipe links) … I’m like you about shying away from seasonal things for my kitchen, although I do own a LOT of Christmas cookie cutters that maybe get used once every couple of years. Why NOT have a seasonal loaf pan?!

  7. Good for you for treating yourself! If you’ve already used it twice and have been pleased with its performance, then I have no doubt you will use it enough to make it worth it. I can’t wait to hear about all the delicious things you bake in it!

  8. Nice! I have a similar pan, not sure where I bought mine. I usually make pumpkin bread in it.

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