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Weekend Glimmers

The title of this blog post? Totally stolen from an Instagram post I saw last night. I think it’s a great way to describe and share some small but lovely things about my weekend.

The last dahlia bouquet. Most of the blooms are spent at this point but I was able to cut these beauties on Saturday afternoon. I love how the colors change over the season, each one becoming a bit more . . . mellow. Or something like that. Of course, the downside to holding on to the bitter end and letting them bloom is that I will be digging up and dividing tubers in the cold. But it’s definitely worth it to still be enjoying flowers this late in October.

Fred & George lounging in the living room. These two cats bring me so much joy and I love them so much. They’ve been with us for two years this week and it’s hard to remember life without their antics and snuggles. Their personalities are quite different and I wouldn’t change a thing about either one of them . . . except for their tolerance about being picked up. They just don’t like it but we will keep working on it.

A delicious snacking cake. Mary posted about the book Snacking Cakes a while back and I first borrowed it from the library but then immediately purchased it. There are so many delicious options for making simple and fast cakes and I’m eager to do some baking with Jackie. Yesterday I made the Buttery Brown Sugar Pear and Cranberry Cake but with chunks of apple instead of pear because that’s what I had. Dale and I really enjoyed it last night after a Sunday roast chicken dinner. It’s the perfect fall cake and not too sweet which is just right for me.

I hope your weekend had glimmers of happiness and joy.

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  1. What lovely glimmers from your weekend (that term is great!!). Your dahlias are still gorgeous even if muted and those boys!! Mabel is not fond of being picked up either and I am trying to work on that (much to her dismay). I just put a request in at my library for that Snacking Cake book – your cake looks amazing and quick baking sounds like an excellent idea.

  2. I will be joining you this week in the garden as I plant my bulbs… a bit of hope for spring! Your dahlias are just so gorgeous, Carole! (And that cake book looks fun!)

  3. I think I would willingly dig up tubers in the cold if it meant enjoying more gorgeous flowers! The cake looks yummy, too, and looking up the book, the Kindle version is quite affordable! Though the ease of making cake could be dangerous, too.

  4. I didn’t realize that dahlias were perennials!! Where did you buy your bulbs? Or can you buy plants in the spring? I’ve enjoyed your pictures so much – beautiful flowers.

  5. LOVE the notion of Weekend Glimmers! And yours are particularly glimmer-y, Carole! Always love the dahlias, can’t believe it’s been two years with those sweet kitties, and that cake looks delicious! I think I need to check out that book . . . XO

  6. I just purchased three copies! One for me and two Christmas presents. I’ve got to address our tubers too…the rain doesn’t help! It’s always a good day when we see Fred and George…have a good week Carole!

  7. Your glimmers each glow brightly! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the dahlias this summer and while you dig up the tubers, know that you’ll enjoy them again next summer. I might have to look into that Snacking Cake book with two glowing recommendations.

  8. End of year gardening in the cold is always worth it when you have gorgeous blooms like your dahlias! I will be working on my little garden later today.
    Your kitties look so regal sitting on that ottoman!

  9. I’ll be patiently waiting until dahlia season begins again!! It’s so fun to see so many beautiful flowers from so many growers in my feeds! Thank you!!

    Nothing says fall like cranberries & apples! Yum. That cake sounds delicious and I think I’d prefer your modification over the original. We’ve been making soups like crazy!! Today it’s going to barely get over freezing… at least it’s sunny!

  10. Snacking Cakes!!! We made the “mostly apples” one today and it smells so yummy in my house right now. I’m going to be adding Snacking Bakes to my shelf next Tuesday! (the boys won’t mind one more cake) … and I do love the weekly dahlias. gonna miss them in my feed!

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