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Summer Weekends, June 7-10, 2024

It’s weekend #2 of my summer of blogging! Each Monday (unless I’m on vacation) I’ll be sharing photos and memories of the weekend . . .

The weather was different every day. Friday was warm and sticky, Saturday was sunny and windy, Sunday was rainy until mid afternoon and then it was so cool I had to close the windows.

I spent plenty of time outside.

Reading on the deck with a latte from the Nespresso.

Admiring more container gardens.

Marveling that my first dahlia had sprouted. This actually happened on Thursday. When I inspected the dahlia beds last night I found that 7 more have broken the surface so that makes 8. Just waiting on 24 more!

Fred loves to nap on this pile of quilts in our upstairs hallway.

I caught him mid-jump over the houseplants on the kitchen window sill.

I had wonderful success with a new-to-me pizza dough recipe. It’s from the NY Times and it’s behind a paywall but I’ve gifted it to you so you should be able to access it. The dough can proof in the fridge for 8-24 hours and that’s a game changer for me because I can mix it up in the morning and know that it will be ready when I am. It stretched beautifully and launched into the Ooni perfectly and I think it will be a summer of Sunday Pizza!

I hope you had a terrific weekend and are feeling ready for the week ahead.

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  1. Looks like a great weekend, Carole! Your deck is looking beautiful. I have been making Roberta’s pizza dough for years, and it always works great for me. I don’t bother to look for special flours anymore, I find that a good AP flour works well. And I always make a huge amount when I make it, form it into appropriately sized balls and freeze it. The dough is even more cooperative after it has been frozen. And with pizza dough in the freezer, I can make pizza even when I don’t have time to make dough.

    1. I also use this recipe and have enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip on freezing it. I’ve frozen dough before, but not this one. Time to rectify that.

  2. I also use that dough often and have good results. It looks like you’re well into summer mode in the best way here.

  3. First, thank you for the NYT recipe! I have printed it out and will be trying it this week! Your coffee on the deck looks marvelous! That might be the best way to start the day!

  4. That sounds like a lovely weekend! I love the mid-jump photo and thank you for the pizza dough recipe. I will be making and freezing pizza dough for the future.

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