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Wildcard Wednesday: Here’s Jackie!

In this week’s Wildcard Wednesday edition, I am giving you a week Jackie update.

Number One:

He was given the Awesome Artist Award by his teacher. It’s no surprise, given his family’s strong artistic talent, and it’s pretty awesome, too.

Number Two:

He is a Kindergarten Graduate. I feel like he just started Preschool, never mind finished Kindergarten. And, while I miss the Fridays we had together before he started school, I love seeing him learn and grow and make friends, too.

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  1. Congratulations to Jackie for his accomplishments, artistic and otherwise! He is growing up so fast and I hope he has a great summer (before heading to first grade)!

  2. Congratulations to Jackie! My little great niece graduatied from Kindergarten today. Time is going by so fast.

  3. BRAVO, Jackie! It’s so amazing to watch kids grow up. They just keep . . . unfolding. Right before our eyes. Have a great summer, Jackie. XO

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