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Unraveled, Jan 17th, 2024

My needles are currently empty because . . .

I have a finished sock. Largely in part due to watching Oppenheimer (excellent) and Killers of the Flower Moon (less excellent but still very good) over the weekend. Two extra long movies = plenty of knitting time. I will be casting on for sock 2 this morning because I’ve got a meeting today and knitting is life for me during meetings.

I’m still listening to Between Two Kingdoms but I’m thisclose to being finished. And yes, I will certainly be watching American Symphony as a coda (see what I did there?) afterwards. I’m reading Wandering Stars by Tommy Orange, an ARC I received from NetGalley. It is wonderful. Heavy and beautifully written and I’m trying to pace myself so that I can enjoy every word.

Be sure and visit Kat’s blog today to see what everyone is knitting and reading this week.

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  1. I have moved up considerably on the library wait list for Between Two Kingdoms… and I have queued up American Symphony to watch as well! GMTA! (and I think that your sock pattern is the perfect knit for watching movies or television!)

  2. Those were BOTH long-ass movies. (Too long, IMO.) But, as you pointed out, really great for knitting-while-watching! Love the socks. The stripes are so much fun. XO

  3. I still haven’t watched Oppenheimer but I want to (if only to see Justin’s pond)! I think I might have a lot of knitting time tomorrow (a long drive for some appointments) but it seems like something often happens to prevent me from knitting. I’d really like to finish this Hitchhiker and move on.

  4. That sock is full of joy! The stripes make me smile. I want to watch Oppenheimer so I will be sure to have a sock or something easy to knit on when I do watch. I will most likely have to take breaks – it’s hard for me to sit and watch for 2 hours straight let alone longer!

  5. Impressive! I need to follow your example, but I won’t tell you how many unfinished things I have on my needles. I am much better at starting than finishing. I enjoy seeing your book suggestions! (And projects)

  6. I haven’t seen either movie yet but plan to, and of course I had already thought about how much knitting time I’d get during both viewings! I really loved Between Two Kingdoms, so I suppose I should now watch American Symphony! I hope you enjoy what’s left of Wandering Stars. I also found I had to read it slowly and take it in.

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