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Weekend Glimmers, April 26th-28th, 2024

Glimmers . . . moments that spark joy, contentment, and peace, making me feel that all is well and I am right where I belong . . .

I have some lovely photographic evidence of my weekend glimmers to share with you today!

We attended a gala to support our local YMCA. It was fun to dress up and see friends and support a wonderful program. This is a selfie I took with my dear friend, Becky.

Dale spent much of the weekend tearing down my old raised beds and building new ones. The old ones lasted about 10 years and I can’t complain about that. The new ones are going to look so much better and I’ll be planting dahlia tubers soon.

I’m running for re-election and I had to get new signs. One, because we changed our name last year from the Board of Selectmen to the Select Board (yay!) and two, because my previous signs said I was a “new voice” and after 6 years on the board I can’t really claim to be new. I’m running unopposed and have no campaign coffers so I didn’t buy many signs but they look great and it will be nice to see a few of them around town.

My landscaper came and did a spring clean up, edging the beds, weeding and cutting back some plants, and spreading mulch. Everything looks better and I’m grateful to be able to hire someone to do this work.

Even George was impressed.

Although it may have been the pansies and not the yard work and mulch that he was admiring.

I hope you had a weekend full of things that brought you joy.

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  1. I would not be surprised to learn George was actually admiring an ant or other moving creature in those pansies, but I’m definitely admiring them. Good luck in your race! New voice or not, it’s admirable to be out there serving your community.

  2. Pretty flowers, a pretty cat and pretty new raised beds! We planted gladioli and dahlias this past week! Love your glasses by the way – great selfie!!

  3. I’m jealous of your landscaper. After spending a long day working on my yard, my legs and back are killing me. But despite the jealousy, your flowers look great! The signs too!

  4. Love your rainbow glasses! Our landscapers also came through last week to do a clean-up — and I’m grateful they did, because that meant I didn’t have to spend all this past weekend pulling/digging up weeds. Can’t wait to see your dahlias!

  5. I love the pansies! You’ve inspired me to buy some dahlias bulbs this year. Can’t wait to plant them and see the beautiful results.

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