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Here’s something you may not know about me. I have a hard time with reentry. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone overnight or for several days, I tend to flame on reentry. Just ask Dale. It doesn’t matter that I’ve missed my family and can’t wait to see them again. If the counters aren’t wiped and the floors aren’t swept, I’m going to bitch about it. And if the mail has been left to pile up for 5 days? And the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes because no one ran it
while I was gone? And the laundry’s piled up and the lawn needs to be mowed (and these aren’t even my jobs anyway), I’m really going to bitch about it. Let’s just say that the first night home was a little rough.

Granted, I was feeling the let down of a wonderful trip coming to an end, but things improved as the week went on. It helped matters that Dale and I spent a few days together focusing on the things that make it nice to live in Massachusetts.

Like lobster rolls.

And streams I can stick my feet in without having cramps because the water is too cold.

And a husband who is sweet enough to bring me flowers when he picks me up at the airport. And wear the t-shirt I brought him from Utah the very next day. And not complain when I don’t write him a birthday post on his birthday because I had to finish telling everyone about my trip. (It would be cool if you all actually wished Dale a happy 55th birthday today, even though yesterday was his birthday. Thanks, gang.)

Things like seeing the roof of my library and the sky from my topless Jeep.


And enjoying a granddaughter’s first birthday party.

I guess it’s not so bad to live in Massachusetts. Not to go all Dorothy on you, but there really is no place like home.

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  1. Welcome home, Carole, and happy birthday, Dale!

    I have a hard time coming home, too. When you’re tired and looking forward to the comfort of home, it’s no fun to find that you’re farther behind than you were when you left.

  2. Happy 55 1/365, Dale!

    Yeah, I don’t like reentry either, even if I’ve just been gone for a weekend. You do have some nice things to come home to, though. Lobster is probably the one thing keeping me from going vegetarian.

  3. Happy Birthday Dale!

    It is a little hard coming home after a trip espeacially if things aren’t done. Your right once you’ve settled back in the really is no place like home.

  4. Happy Birthday Dale! Are you really not in charge of laundry though Carole? Can I move in too? I’ll do the dishwasher. Love the teletubbies cake!

  5. I thought Dale should have his very own comment. 🙂 Post-trip let down – blech! Glad the familiar fun stuff is picking you up.

  6. Lobster roll, chowder, and beer. You know how to appreciate a place! Welcome home, and I’m glad that you’ve fully landed.

    Happy birthday Dale! And happy birthday baby. Good stuff to come home to.

  7. mmm…lobstah… ;o)

    I have the same reentry issues. Just got home yesterday and I’m not happy about going back to work.

    Happy B-Day Dale!!

  8. Happy birthday to Dale ……. and I completely understand the flameout on re-entry. I was talking to a friend about the big trip we have coming up and told her that we’d be home on the 14th … and that it would be a day or two after that before I’m fit to talk to anyone.

    (that lobster roll looks delish)

  9. Happy Birthday Dale!

    BTW, I have the same reentry disease. Even if I just go out for the night and leave hubby to load the dishwasher and put the kids to bed. Inevitably I’ll come home and find the dishes just thrown into the washer (how will they get clean like that?) and crumbs still on the counter. It makes me a wee bit insane.

    Also the beer and lobster roll (never had one) look so good!

  10. i will sing dale a happy birthday song.

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dearrrr ddaalllleeee
    happy birthday to you.

    how was that?

  11. Mmmm….lobster rolls! And, is that clam chowder I see? Perfect! (sigh)

    Speaking of Massachusetts, you ARE going to join my MV webring, right?? It’s a very select group at this point… you’d fit right in.

    And, happy birthday, Dale!!

  12. Happy Birthday Dale and Happy Birthday to your granddaughter.

    Yes, it’s good to be home after my vacation too, but I’m not too happy about being back at work! Loved hearing about your trip.

  13. Happy Birthday Dale. I’m with you on the reentry issues – I can’t help it that I’m anal – it’s just my personality. I really am going to have to come visit – I’ve never had a lobster roll (and I’m pretty sure I need to try one).

  14. Lots of bragging in this post. You don’t do laundry, you have a stream that won’t freeze your toes (you are missing something there, however), a hubby with flowers, a topless Jeep, and a fun birthday party…that’s a lot of good things.
    Happy Birthday, Dale…wear all the t-shirts well;-)

  15. Now why did I think you lived in Rhode Island? Where on earth did I get that idea from? Anyway… lobster roll, yes, that’s a little bit of heaven on a plate. (As long as they don’t put celery in it. Ugh! It’s lobster, not tuna salad. 😉

    Happy (belated) b-day to Dale! And many happy returns. 🙂

  16. First off, Happy Birthday, Dale, and thanks for sharing your delightful wife with me for the trip to and from Utah, the time in Estes and with Margene and Smith. She is a blast! Then, I have to empathize a bit with you, Carole, as I am much the same way, glad to get home to my own bed but I do notice those little things. Glenn is far worse, each time he returns from a two-week stint at a fire camp and I resent it so I try to keep my own mouth shut when I get home, but I do notice. A nap helps:)

  17. Mmmmm, lobster roll, french fries and a beer. (You KNOW what we’re having for lunch when I come to visit, right?) And I know all about re-entry issues. lol Oh, yeah.
    Your grandaughter is a cutie!

  18. I can relate if I left the house clean why isn’t it the same when I return? oh yeah, happy birthday Dale!!!!

  19. Happy 55 years and 1 day! Carole he IS a keeper. And the re-entry thing. It’s got to be us women. I’ve got the same issues except it seems to happen ever day.
    Love the baby and isn’t being a grandmom better than being mom?

  20. Someday, somewhere, if we ever meet, I’m sure you are someone who will make me smile. Re-entry issues???? Right there with ‘ya. I think I’m going to bestow official Bossygirl status on you pretty soon. *s*

  21. Happy Birthday, Dale!!! Extra big points for you for the flowers and the wearing of the t-shirt!!

    Your granddaughter is adorable – gotta love how they always go straight for the cake with those tiny little fingers!

  22. Happy Happy Birthday to Dale!
    And I flame on re-entry too. Hope the lobster roll helped you to feel better. 🙂

  23. Is there any cake left???? I’m late to the party, but I’m here to wish Dale a happy belated birthday!

    Well, it’s ok, even if there isn’t any cake left, ‘coz I’m not supposed to have any, anyway. Yay for Massachusetts!

  24. OH…how cute.

    I’m just the opposite. I start getting cranky on the last day of my trips away. I want so much to come home. Although I don’t smell it daily, the smell of the ocean when I get off of the plane here in Boston say, “You’re home.”

    It’s always nice to count your blessings! I should do it more often!

  25. Oh your post made me homesick. The first things I want to do/eat/miss when I go back to Massachusetts are Lobstah Rolls, D’Angleos, the ability to run into a Dunkin’ Donuts every 2 minutes, a massive shopping trip at any Christmas Tree shop, and a walk on any beach on the Cape, but especially Sandy Neck where my dad’s ashes were scattered.
    Happy 55 Dale and many more!!

  26. Happy Birthday Dale!

    My Jeep hasn’t gone topless in weeks because it just won’t stop raining here in Western Ma 🙁

    Oh, and Happy First Birthday to your granddaughter too! What a cutie.

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