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Salt Lake City: Day 5

Are you tired of my western adventures yet? I hope not! But if you are, take heart, this is the last post about my trip. Waaaah.

We arrived back at Margene’s on Sunday evening about 5 to find Smith waiting for us. He prepared a delicious meal with Anaheim peppers to start, followed by grilled salmon, Yukon gold potatoes, and a medley of broccoli and asparagus. I know you guys all think Dale is a keeper, and I agree. But Smith? He’s pretty okay, too. After all our traveling it felt good to be “home” and just chat and relax over dinner and wine. It was a wonderful evening on their patio!

In the morning we headed to the infamous Silver Fork Lodge for breakfast. I already showed you a picture of my delicious meal but you didn’t see this one of the three of us on the deck. With our Trekking socks, of course. And there were violet green swallows and a couple of prairie dogs, too.

After fortifying ourselves we headed up the mountain to Silver Lake, the site of so many of Margene’s gorgeous photos. It was like stepping into the computer and having Margene’s blog come alive!
Even after seeing it myself, I find it hard to believe it was real. It’s just too beautiful! There were birds and ducks and wildflowers everywhere! And of course, mountains! Margene is right when she says that back East we don’t have mountains, we have bumps.

And, while I didn’t see a moose, I did see moose tracks.

All too soon it was time to bring Birdsong to the airport. But that still left Margene and I with a few hours to kill before my flight. So, I was given the grand tour of Salt Lake City, including a yarn shop, the library and Temple Square.

Just as we were driving back to the airport, Smith called and said that terminal one had been closed down due to a suspicious package. When Margene and I arrived at the terminal there were lines and weary travelers and cancelled flights. For a brief moment it looked as though my stay in Salt Lake City might be prolonged. But things turned around quickly and I made it through security and on my flight with time to spare.

Before I knew it I was being greeted at the airport by Dale. I’m pretty sure he missed me. And that’s not a bad thing to come home to.

This concludes the recap of my trip. It was a fabulous, wonderful time. I had loads of fun and made some new friends to boot.

Thanks for everything, Margene! I still believe in the magic of Estes Park.

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  1. Well, how much fun was that! I hated to see the trip end almost as much as you did, Carole.
    I love your line about Silver Lake…Margene’s blog, coming alive. It looks like you had perfect weather for your visit there.

  2. What a great trip! It sounds completely perfect, and I loved the travelogue. Smith is a wonderful human. (They both are.)

  3. You can really see how you both have bonded during that trip. You have the coolest adventures! (I need me some of those Yukon Gold Potatoes, our market stopped selling them. It was NOT a pretty sight at the market yesterday. lol)
    Have you adjusted to being back East yet?

  4. I hate to tell you there were 5 moose at the lake yesterday. We saw four and a deer, too. It was wonderful to have you here. You must come back soon!

  5. Perfect! And it wouldn’t have been nearly so magical without Margene & Birdsong & Stephanie & the rest of ’em! The best part is that the magical feeling lasts. I have my computer at home set to do a slideshow for a screen saver and, while Mack is probably the #1 subject in my portfolio at the moment, fibery pursuits are close behind — I am always positively delighted when a picture from Rhinebeck or NYC comes up on the screen. Such great memories. ; )

  6. I was thinking of you on Monday a.m. when I heard they closed the terminal.
    I love the photo of the three of you on the deck at Silver Fork.

  7. Carole-that’s gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
    You cannot mention Moose tracks though without reminding me of the oh-so-popular ice cream..

  8. Oh, so beautiful! Although I did think I was at Margene’s blog for a minute. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  9. Hm… and for a moment I thought – gee…suspicious package, maybe one smelling of sheepy fleecey goodness? Nice summary of the trip – and I’m so glad you made it back home safely.

  10. Great photos! I thought Smith was pretty good to us, too. I don’t often get the luxury of hanging out while someone else cooks for me.

  11. I loved reading all your logs from Estes Park! And especially in the dreary, rainy, stormy weather we’re having. Those mountains are gorgeous and I sure wish I had been there with you guys – it’s so obvious how great it was! Thanks for all the pictures!!

  12. Awwww…your trip sounds wonderful! I’ve always said that here on the East Coast, we have hills (I grew up in So. California, you see – and there are real mountains there). 🙂

    (somehow I got behind on reading your blog – maybe it was the endless rain we had here??)

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