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Wyoming/Colorado: Day 2

So Margene would have made a great drill sergeant. The woman can get a wack of knitters moving like nobody’s business and she had Birdsong and I out the door on Friday morning by 6:00 AM. Which, considering real time for me, wasn’t all that bad. We picked up Ann and swapped some luggage around with Utah bloggers and were on our way.

Here’s what I learned on my trip through Wyoming and Colorado:

~Wyoming is very, very brown. Occasionally there is green but it’s mostly brownish green. Oh, and there are antelope.

~There are no decent road signs in Colorado. Kristi suggested that the locals were the ones who removed the signs just to screw with the tourists. It worked and we got lost. One thing, though, that’s helpful. In Colorado, when you’re driving on a paved road? And it turns to a dirt road? They have a sign that reads “Pavement Ends.” Here in Massachusetts, we just sort of let you figure that one out on your own.

~Margene is an excellent driver. She only occasionally drives through someone’s back yard, between a fence and a telephone pole, over some dirt and a sidewalk, to get to the road she wants to be on. Really, this only happened once in an 8 hour drive.

~Bloggers are the same wherever you go! I met long time virtual friends Snow, Stephanie and Miriam as well as newer friends and it was all good. Just warm and accepting and comfortable. I’m sure the candy I brought from home had nothing to do with how nice everyone was to me.

~Beer in Colorado looks different than beer in Massachusetts. I’d love to see what they do with an ice cream cone.

~Stephanie is very generous with her wheel. Not only did she set it up for me to spin but she even brought me fiber. I think Lennie and Lucy would get along famously should they ever have the chance to meet.

~Margene is a great planner. She pored over the detailed map and schedule of the wool market while other people only looked on. Perhaps this is why she was the first one through the door of the wool building on Saturday morning.

And I’ll tell you all about that and the rest of the Estes Wool Market details tomorrow!

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  1. OK, as if I don’t already have a problem with being in cars, hearing about Margene driving through a backyard and all that had made laughing! She sounds like a great Boston driver. (Remind me when she comes to town so I can make other arrangements!)

  2. Margene is an excellent driver (when she needs to be). Through all the trials and tribulations I got us there. We might still be driving around the subdivision if not for that opening in the fence;-)

  3. Pretty yarn you spun!!

    Heh, I’m enjoying this more complete picture of Margene that’s developing. 🙂

  4. 6 am?? Gawd. She’s worse than Etherknitter “this is a turning point in your life, Rachel. You can either leave with us now at 7:25 and get to the MDSW festival site (which is only 20 mins away and the vendors don’t officially open until 9) early with the truly fibre frenzied, or wait 5 minutes till the free breakfast buffet from whence the smell of bacon is wafting deliciously and come in a later car with the slackers. Which kind of person do you want to be. Decide. Quick, coz we’re leaving” Laurie

  5. I’m enjoying your trip posts. I’ve never been to Wyoming…or Utah…or Colorado. Well, actually I’ve been to Colorado, but only to the airport (that’s where my layover was from San Diego to Harrisburg). So, now I get to visit these places through you! 🙂

  6. 6am? My kids have the ability to get me up and out of bed then too. I love that you took the path less travelled (even if only briefly). What kinda candy did you bring for bribery?

  7. I see a book in the offing: “Zen and the Art of Drill Instruction.” What can you expect of a woman who always posts by 7 am our time, if not earlier?

  8. New England signage isn’t much better! (I’ve seen the “Pavement Ends” signs in Connecticut.) My favorite signs here: “Ice may exist.” How very philosophical!

  9. What a funny commentary! We did have a blast; Carole protested briefly about the driving part and I was temporarily ashamed of her as a fellow Jeep owner, but we got over it and will all have to scale the rocks of Utah one day.. no whiners allowed!

  10. You’re hilarious. Lennie is sure he wants to meet Lucy – they’d have gorgeous, talented children. 🙂 And the candy had nothing to do with it.

  11. Oh, they have signs, my husband kept reading them on the way there….Butte X, Butte Y…all we concluded they have a lot of Butts, hahahahaha.

    It was great seeing you in person :).

  12. I have to confess that I really didn’t believe you guys that US34 was unmarked. That is really freakin’ stupid! They must assume only locals take those side roads down to US34…

  13. When my niece was about 2 or 3 and she didn’t remember me when I got off the plane, it was peanut butter crackers. Did the trick.

  14. I am drinking your words in like a hiker in a desert. I am thirsty to know of the mid west bloggers! 🙂
    How on earth do they get the head on the beer to be STRAIGHT LINES? Weird.

  15. Hmmm my husband drives like that. I wonder if they both got their license’s at the same place?

    Pretty spinning!

  16. So envious! It looks like such a great, great time! I can’t wait to meet some blogging buddies in the real world!

  17. See, I always knew Margene was a New Englander in her soul. I bet she makes left-hand turns from the right-hand lane, too.

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