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Utah: Day One

I’ve had blog posts floating around in my head for days, trying to organize my thoughts and stories from my trip west. But, honestly, how do you get all of that into a post or two? I know I can’t. Please be patient as I work my way through my memories and photographs of this wonderful trip.

So, to start. I flew from Providence to Chicago. I looked for Oprah during my brief layover but I didn’t see her. Damn. I left Chicago behind and flew to Salt Lake City. I had a window seat and was able to snap a sky photo for Sandy.
See that? It’s the sky from above the sky. Pretty slick, eh?

Once in the airport I spotted Margene. Everything good thing you’ve ever imagined about Margene? All true. And then some. Really. After less than 5 minutes I felt like I’d known her my whole life. And our friendship just grew from that point. So cool. Anyway, enough gushing about Ms. SL, UT. We hung around the airport for a bit and before long Birdsong arrived. Again, instant friend. This blogging thing sure is cool.

Can you guess where we stopped first? Ummm. Yeah, it was a yarn shop. Forget Temple Square or Salt Lake or any tourist destinations. We were bloggers on a mission because Birdsong needed Trekking. I might have slipped and bought a skein or two of sock yarn myself.

From the yarn shop we headed to Margene and Smith’s warm and welcoming condo.
I met Moxie and Murphy and we chatted until Smith came home and then all went to dinner. At dinner we met up with Susan and Camille, a friend of Margene and Smith’s. Great food and possibly great conversation. I’m not sure because the folk guitars were too loud for me to hear much of what was said. I did figure out that Susan is charming and smart and funny. And that was enough for me.

Friday morning, up at the butt-crack of dawn to drive to Colorado.

To be continued . . .

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  1. I should get Moxie up to see that silly picture. He went from looking like a buffalo to a skinned rat. At least he’s cool and happy.
    You WERE giddy the whole weekend. I was too and meeting you was the best part!!!

  2. Sounds like a great trip, I can’t wait to hear about the wool festival!
    Good thing you put that comma between the SL and UT.

  3. The blow-by-blow is going to be GOOD. The details make me feel less sad to have missed that great group of people.

  4. “Charming and smart and funny.” Woah, those guitars must have really drowned out the bulk of the conversation. 😉

  5. Day 1 sounds action packed. I can only imagine the rest of the weekend — I’ll be back tomorrow for the next installment!

  6. Susan mentioned last night at SnB that you have a reputation for turning people into spinners, you naughty girl, you! Had I known, I would have stayed away! 😉 I did some very dissatisfying spindle spinning last night. Can’t wait for the wheel!

  7. Oh, I’m so psyched to read all about your trip. You’re off to a great start with your first two posts. I think it’s great that you hooked up with your blogger pals. It IS cool, isn’t it????? (You know, I looked for Oprah last time I went through Chicago, and didn’t see her, either. What’s up with that? Hee hee.)

  8. Instant friend on my end too… what a treat to spend parts of five days with you two, as well as meet other bloggers. You were the one to suck me back into the spinning void, after a decade, and I am once again making cruddy spindly yarn and hoping I will get better very soon!

  9. This is good, to eke out the details. We likey. But I don’t know. Those photos I saw of you over at Margene’s, I asked Margene what she did to make you so sad. You looked really sad. 😀

  10. I really wish we didn’t have to let you go back, Carole. You’re coming back, right? Maybe we could all go down to the Taos fest?

  11. How exciting but CAROLE! Stop teasing us…. you can’t just dangle that carrot and then run off to have fun!!! We DEMAND a post at least every 6 hrs or so!!!! Pretty please!! Hugs to Susan and Margene from me!!! That photo is pretty darn amazing too!

  12. It is so fun to meet up with bloggers. I did that in France last year. Good times. It is hard to not get along with other bloggin’ knitters!

  13. The sky from above? It’s a first for me, sweets! I LOVE IT! (She shouts!) 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me. A part of me was on the trip with you and this makes me all warm and fuzzy feeling.

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