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Ten On Tuesday

Kym sent me a link the other day to this fun post. The author, Lynn, talks about buying a new purse and then talks about what is in her knitting notions bag. Kym thought it was inspirational for our Ten on Tuesday purposes and obviously I agree since this week’s topic is 10 Things In Your Purse.

  1. My current socks in progress, stored in a JessaLu bag. I never leave home without my knitting.
  2. My iPhone. Or My Precious, as I’m known to call it. I don’t go anywhere without it.
  3. My headphones. They are beats by dr. dre. and Hannah is jealous of them. They are pretty awesome.
  4. My business cards. These are for work but I used to have cards for my blog, too, and should probably think about making some of those again.
  5. Blistex. I am addicted to the stuff and have a tube in my bag, on my nightstand, on the side table in the living room, and in my office at work.
  6. My keys. I’ve paired down considerably but still have to carry keys to both cars, keys for work (there are 3), and keys for the house. There is also a Wheaton College bottle opener, my library card, and a yarn ball made of wire on my key chain.
  7. A pill box. I got this last year at SPA at the British Import store. I love it and it’s stocked with ibuprofen.
  8. Pens and lipstick. I’m lumping them together because they are shaped the same. The pen was a gift from the outgoing president of my Kiwanis club last year and those two lip glosses are my favorites.
  9. My wallets. Yes, there are 2. The long one holds money and my checkbook, the change purse shaped one holds my driver’s license, debit card, Charlie card, and change. That’s the one I pull out and take with me when I only need the bare essentials.
  10. A fabric striped bag that holds a Tide pen, more pens, more lip gloss, and any other small items that would get lost in the bottom of my bag.
And there you have it, the contents of my purse. Sometimes my camera is in there, too, but not today. Can’t wait to see what you all haul around with you every day, too!

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  1. Nicely organized! My bag is a mess these days. I love it but it’s too big. Maybe I need to get some smaller mini bags.

  2. this is a fun topic. you definitely beat me for being better organized…but my other purse is a knitting bag and that gives me a lot of room!

  3. I love your two-wallet system, Carole. I’ve been thinking of trying that myself. Now I’m inspired. (Also inspired to find some orange accessories!)

  4. Good topic, and you are well organized like I am. Drives me
    insane when my bag becomes messy. And thank goodness for ibuprofen!!

  5. Some other things I can’t do without: nail clippers, sunglasses, a cloth handkerchief and a tin of tiny ginger candies.

  6. you are so much more organized than me! there’s good reason why I showed a picture of the outside of my purse 😉

  7. My wallet is dying; I truly should be embarrassed to use it in its present state. Funny how attached one gets to a wallet. I like your two wallet system. You’ve given me something to think about when I look for something new.

  8. You are so organized (or at least you appear to be for this post). I try and try to keep things organized and have lots of little bags that help. My purse is small because I will fill it to the brim no matter what. Can’t wait to peer into more purses and see what other women do.

  9. Can’t leave home without the Iphone!! I probably should have listed “receipts” also. I seem to collect them in my purse for a while before I do a major dump.

    How do you like your Dre Beats? I heard they are awesome.

  10. I love the two-wallet system … going to have to consider that even though my wallet is small, as it is starting to fray and come apart. Your purse is so much neater than my own, sigh. I am ordering some new zippered bags to help me organize it … hopefully it’ll work! I’d have to add ‘misc papers’ … my purse seems to be a dumping ground for receipts and other misc papers. I clean ’em out once a month, and should probably do it more often, haha! I also carry a glass nail file in a plastic tube – it’s great for on the go nail snags!

  11. You are WAY more organized than I am. I didn’t even attempt to do this today because I’d have to clean out the purse to find 10 things to post about! ;o)

    When I first saw the picture I was trying to figure out where you got the box bag from – I didn’t recognize the print! lol

  12. No knitting bag, no ear phones, no cards. Add in a pack of Kleenex, driving spectacles, a small tin of Altoids, and a much-folded street map of the North Shore to help me find places. My overstuffed wallet is held together with a strong purple elastic from a bunch of broccoli.

  13. I’m so happy to see this topic and am looking at it as an opportunity to clean out my purse! For many years, I didn’t carry a purse at all, using instead totes and my pockets, and this is going to be a move in that direction again.

  14. I’m almost scared to look in mine ;^) I almost always end up with my purse & a knitting bag, so all that and more, but both bags undoubtedly need a good spring clean-out!

  15. very very fun post today! Sort of like the old game show…..”Whose got a Nebraska key chain? COME ON DOWN”
    Hey what is your work? I cannot tell on your business cards….too tiny.

  16. Your purse looks so well organized…is there something you’re not showing us?

    P.S. That question was motivated by envy. All the stuff I need is constantly lost in the depths of my purse.

  17. Before I retired, I taught English in a high school. One of the novels I taught in the 11th grade curriculum was “The Things They Carried” about the Viet Nam war. To introduce the book, I had the students put the contents of their back packs on their desks, and I emptied my school bag. It was fun for us to see the quirky things that we felt were necessary for getting through the day. Your post today brought back some fond memories for me, Carole.

  18. Wish I could say that my purse contents looked as exciting as yours, but no. I have mainly small-med purses so I’m forced to minimize. But I don’t leave home without my sunglasses and reading glasses!

  19. I love your JessaLu bag!

    I always carry my knitting with me too, but I carry it in another bag!!! I am such a bag lady…

  20. Oh, I wish I’d thought to take a picture of the items in my purse! That’s a great idea!

    I also love (and agree with) calling the iPhone “My Precious”.

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