Updated: Hey everybody, thank you all so much for your concern and good thoughts and prayers on Dale’s behalf. As it turns out, his surgery was canceled today since he is dealing with an infection from one of his dental implants. This issue came up suddenly last Friday but we thought they would go ahead with the surgery since that’s what we were told by a nurse in the doctor’s office. The doctor wasn’t comfortable with this, though, and we will be rescheduling this surgery when Dale is done with his dental work. For now, although we are disappointed, we are also relieved and intend to make the most of our unexpected day off together!

Today my darling husband Dale is having surgery. It is routine hernia surgery, something that is extremely common for men. But, you know, there is nothing routine about the love of my life having surgery. Ya know?

And so, as I sit and wait for this to be over I will be knitting. It will keep me calm, right?  All good thoughts, prayers, and vibes are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hillary says

    I hope that everything goes smoothly Carole. We’ll be thinking of you and Dale.

  2. kelly k says

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you guys and hoping Dale has a speedy recovery!

  3. says

    Sending positive thoughts your way! Wishing Dale a speedy recovery. Knit, knit, knit! You’ll feel better!

  4. Debshepknits says

    Sending prayers and hugs to both if you! Thankfully you’ve got your knitting to take the edge off!

  5. says

    All good thoughts and prayers for a quick, successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

    Knitting is ESSENTIAL during times like these. Stockinette has medicinal properties, I think.

  6. says

    Knit, breath deeply, pace and knit some more. Sending love and good thoughts to both of you!!! Healing vibes and lots of love coming Dale’s way!

  7. Jen says

    Best wishes for a comfortable and speedy recovery! David has had a double hernia surgery – twice – so we’re right there with you. Lots of rest – catch up on your movies – and fluids!!

  8. says

    Prayers for good results and a rapid recovery. Make sure he takes pain med ON SCHEDULE at first. Pain meds can’t play “catch-up”. If you let him try to tough it out, it will get to the point of no relief. With the meds on schedule he should have a good night and be much better tomorrow.

  9. Marcy says

    Definitely good thought and wishes for a speedy recovery. Knitting is a must! It saved my sanity waiting for my love to get through many hours of surgery. Hugs to you.

  10. Jo-Ann says

    I’ll simply add my {{{HUGS}}}, positive thoughts, prayers, and good knitting mojo to all the above. He will be ~fine~ … he has to be, after all – he’s *Dale* … from Dale and the Duds!!!

  11. Robby says

    Sending thoughts and prayers your way for you both. And the advice above about pain meds is spot on.

  12. Marianne says

    Sending you both all good thoughts and energy for a speedy recovery. Knit on!!!

  13. Sue says

    I understand your worry! Sending special thoughts your way.

    Watch your gauge! A surgery waiting room has been known to change gauge!

  14. Phyllis says

    Hope it helps you and Dale to know so many lovely people are sending good vibes your way. I have already said the first prayer of many I will utter today. P. S. I will be waiting to hear what kind of patient Dale is. Generally I find men to be terrible patients, which I guess is why they don’t have the babies. Maybe Dale will be the exception!

  15. Meghan says

    Prayers for a good outcome and a speedy recovery. My father had the surgery in his 70s and his recovery was quick. I’m sure it will go just as well for Dale.

  16. says

    It’s amazing how often that happens. Hope Dale’s infection clears up quickly so that this can get done and done! I recently found (and frogged) a sock that I’d been knitting when Michael was in the hospital… firstly, it turns out that I hate the yarn (and the association with this time didn’t help that at all) and, secondly, my tension was all over the place!!

  17. jill says

    I love that you will be able to have a day together. I’m sending healing vibes Dale’s way. Soon this will all be part of your past. You’re so good at living in the present!

  18. Jo says

    Wishing you both well! Hernia repair was easy peasy for my hubby–hope it’s exactly the same for Dale.

  19. Sandy says

    Hope the tooth infection clears up quickly so he can go and get his hernia repair over with! Wishing you both the best of outcomes on all fronts!!

  20. Catie says

    Sending healing thoughts to Dale across the board! Hope the infection clears up quickly.

  21. Sarah JS says

    Sorry you both had to wait on the surgery. That’s hard when you’ll all prepped mentally. My husband had hernia surgery 15 years ago — and other than some soreness in the next few days, all went quite smoothly. Sending good thoughts your way for such a result when the surgery does happen!

  22. rebeccawip says

    a little late but my thoughts are with you. i know it will go swimmingly once it’s rescheduled. as you say, totally routine, but i understand that that’s not the same when it’s for our loved ones! hugs