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Me And Jo-Ann. Jo-Ann and Me.

There are a load of things I could tell you about my friendship with Jo-Ann. I could tell you about how we met when I joined Kiwanis and how we knew immediately that we were destined to be friends. I could tell you about the time I asked her for a ride when I hardly knew her at all but I just knew she wouldn’t mind. I could tell you about our mutual love of sushi and good beer and knitting. I could tell you that she has agreed to serve as my secretary when I take over the role of Kiwanis president this October – something she swore she would never do again. I could even tell you about how we have traveled together on this weight loss and exercise journey of ours. But I think I can show you, with two simple photos, just exactly why we are friends.

Here we are at the Kiwanis 65th Anniversary Gala.

And here we are, just a week later, tailgating at Jimmy Buffett.

She gets me. Β She gets me when I’m proper and serious and dressed up. And she gets me when I’m inappropriate and silly and dressed like a pirate. I get her, too.

And that’s why she’s my bestie.

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  1. It’s definitely mutual, you get me, too! Even when no one else does πŸ™‚ Still wonder why it took us so long to find each other, but I count my lucky stars every day that we did!

  2. Couldn’t believe Angel’s comment–hope it was tounge in cheek. In the meantime, keep boozing it up, keep laughing, and enjoying such a wonderful soul sistah! Happy 4th!

  3. It’s such a gift in life … to find those friends that just “get” us! I’m so happy you and Jo-Ann have found each other!

    (As for Angel? NOT an angel.)

  4. My bestie and I are really different in so many ways, but we were the same way, just clicked immediately. There is nothing better than that kind of friendship.

  5. Having locked myself out the house this afternoon, currently sitting on our front step in the cold, this made my early evening.
    I first thought to just post ‘Arrrrrr’ like a pirate, but then thought it might be too obtuse.
    You need a friend to laugh with you. Like one of mine is via text as I regale her with this evenings efforts. Including walking home with a can of gin and tonic. I’m all class me.
    Don’t work Jo-Ann too hard πŸ˜‰

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