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Seeing JOY!

Last week, after I committed to doing One Little Word, I decided to do a search on Etsy and see if I could find anything that could serve as a daily reminder of my word. A piece of jewelry, a sign for my office or house, you know. Within seconds I found the perfect thing.

joy ring for carole knits

It’s a sweet little ring and it fits perfectly on the middle finger of my right hand. And it was $7. I mean, really, how could I not get it?

But here’s the thing I’ve started to notice about One Little Word. Once you choose your word, you start to see it everywhere.

jump for joy for carole knits

In magazines.  On signs. On Dunkin Donuts cups (I meant to take a picture of that on Tuesday and I forgot. Wouldn’t you know that my cup on Wednesday was the regular one!) and more.

Turns out, I’m seeing JOY! everywhere I look these days.

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  1. That’s what I love about one-little-word . . . it really does plant itself in your psyche and it really does manifest itself in your life in unexpected ways. EnJOY! (And I love that ring!)

  2. How true! I’m reading The Happiness Project this month, and noticed only after starting it that the Nivea lotion that was in my Christmas stocking is called “Happy Time” Body Lotion!

  3. “Joy” popped up in an ad I saw yesterday for a breakfast cereal. I thought of how you’re focusing on this word and smiled. It could be a national trend you’ve discovered, like Pantone’s color of the year.

  4. LOVE the ring! My word is “focus” — when I googled it for images, I found a Ford Focus — not exactly the inspiration I was looking for!!!

  5. I agree! I decided to join in on this – and my word chose me last night… It is “believe”. And today when I was out, I saw that word every where I looked!

    Linda in VA

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