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One Little Word Jan and Feb

First, a little housekeeping.

You may have noticed that the 2 posts I had up last week are gone. Sorry about that but apparently I got hacked and in the process of trying to clean things up those posts vanished into the ether. I have since decided that removing malware is beyond my skill set and I’m going to pay my host company to do it for me. I tell you all of this not so that you will feel sorry for me but so that you will know – just in case the blog should become unavailable at some point this week – that all is well other than some technical crap.

And I still have a bunch of pictures to process from our visit to Kim’s but in the meantime I want to catch you up on my One Little Word 2014 progress. When I first signed up for this I was definitely not going to follow the prompts and scrapbook much of anything. I figured I would just use the prompts to focus but not actually, you know, do anything with them. But then I watched the videos and I decided that it might be fun to start an album for this whole thing and before I knew it I fell down that rabbit hole and I was buying an album and page protectors and cutting up paper and and and.

olw album first page for carole knits

olw monthly cards for carole knits

I’m pleased with it, though, and I’m looking forward to using this process to stay focused on my word.

It’s JOY! in case you forgot and I found it in unexpected places again this past week.

kims joy for carole knits

Once at Kim’s. I would have put those wooden letters right in my suitcase if I thought I could have gotten away with it.

joy ad for carole knits

And once while reading a magazine.

How ’bout that. JOY! really is everywhere.

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  1. There could be no better word for you (this year). You exemplify this word and I love seeing your process of finding it and recording it.

  2. Oh! Most excellent! Can’t wait to see how JOY unfolds in your life this year. (Beautiful scrapbooking, by the way!)

  3. I love that you have been finding your word everywhere! I actually notice it when I see it these days too. And it’s a wonderful word šŸ™‚

  4. Man oh man, there are an awful lot of rabbit holes around, aren’t there? You seem to be quite comfortable in this one! šŸ™‚

  5. Welcome back! Why would hackers target a knitting blog? (That’s probably a “because it’s there”). I didn’t realize that the word thing was such a project. It looks like fun.

  6. I did notice two of your posts were missing and thought it was just something messed up on your server. Sorry to hear about the hacking! Some people have way too much time on their hands. Now if they found their “word”, they would have something better to do than hack innocent blogs!

    Linda in VA (who won’t say the word I thought of for them – LOL!)

  7. I tried leaving a comment, but it didn’t go through. And I’m having to go into the archives to read the current message….

    Linda in VA

  8. OK – it did go through – just got hung up! Sorry!! But anyway, if I go to my favorites and bring up your blog – it goes into the 13th of February. But if I click on February in the archives, I see the current message.

    Linda in VA

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