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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Jo-Ann’s 50th Birthday Shawl

When it comes to birthdays, I prefer to give hand knits. When it comes to major birthdays of best friends, I prefer to give really special hand knits. So I thought long and hard about what to knit Jo-Ann for her 50th birthday. I knew it had to be lace and I knew it had to be very very special and I knew it had to include beads. I finally realized, after the umpteenth time she admired (i.e. tried to steal) my Sweet Dreams Shawl, that I needed to knit her one of her very own.

sweet dreams edge for carole knits

I ordered the yarn (Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the color Astrid Grey) from WEBS on February 11th. I knew  my time frame was tight but I was confident I could do it since I had knit this shawl last year in less than 2 weeks. The yarn arrived on Tuesday, the 17th and the timing was great – I had the afternoon of the 18th off. Much to my dismay, when I opened the package, I realized they had sent the wrong yarn. I have ordered from them so many times and there has never been an error. Ever. Wouldn’t you know it would happen this time?

sweet dreams center for carole knits

Let me tell you, though, that their customer service was excellent and they shipped the correct yarn out to me immediately and I had it on Thursday, the 19th, just in time for the weekend. It was then that I realized I really did need to knit quickly since I wouldn’t be able to work on it at all the following weekend because Jo-Ann and I would be together at SPA. And of course that weekend including some socializing like a dance with Dale’s band and the Oscars. I didn’t panic, though. I just knit.

sweat dreams folded edge for carole knits

And I knit and I knit and I knit all through that weekend and into the next week. I knit whenever I wasn’t working or sleeping. And guess what? I finished the body on Wednesday the 25th. I started the bind off before we left for SPA and finished (it took nearly 4 hours) on Monday the 2nd. I blocked it on Tuesday the 3rd and it was done a whole 3 days before it needed to be.

sweat dreams blurred for carole knits

As my friend Lois would say, it wasn’t even still hot when I gave it to her.

sweet dreams beads for carole knits

She loves it, of course. The yarn is soft and the beads are shiny and it’s very very beautiful.

sweat dreams favorite for carole knits

Of course, the best part is now she won’t keep trying to steal mine.

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  1. stunning! what a wonderful gift to for a milestone birthday. (lovely photographs, too – you really captured the sparkle of those beads!)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Your “I didn’t panic, though. I just knit.” advice is perfect for so many situations!

  3. When I saw “super seekrit knitting” on the blog a few weeks ago, I just knew I had a special gift coming … and I was right! The shawl is just perfect – soft, beautiful, beaded, and knit with so much love. Handknit gifts are always special, but when they’re made with extra love, they wrap the recipient in warm love each and every time they’re worn! Thank you, my friend!

  4. A gorgeous gift with a good story. I’m going to have to break down and finally spring for this somewhat pricey pattern. Maybe I can justify it by knitting it multiple times. Everyone seems to do that. Although not in such dramatic fashion!

  5. It’s always a thrill to have a handknit gift from a friend! The shawl is beautiful and I’ll bet Jo-Ann is pleased as punch!

  6. I was holding my breath hoping that nothing else went awry after the yarn was wrong.
    It is absolutely gorgeous and what a wonderful gift! Jo-Ann is a lucky lady!

  7. So beautiful! I loe the way the beads look like drops of dew.

    I think this pattern is going in my queue… 🙂

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