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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: A Birthday Shawl For Lois

Way back in August I cast on for the Cactus Flower Shawl. I worked on it a lot on vacation and I enjoyed knitting it so much. The pattern is challenging but highly entertaining and intuitive and, while complex, was very fun to knit. Once I finished it, though, it languished. I think I finally blocked it in December and then still, it languished. No photos, no showing off, nothing.

This is certainly not typical behavior for me – generally I’m all about getting a project blocked, photographed, and worn as soon as it falls off the needles.

cactus flower shawl body for carole knits

Last week I figured out why this had happened. This shawl, you see, was not mine. I realized – finally – that all along it’s been meant for my friend Lois.

cactus flower shawl border for carole knits

The colors are perfect for her.

cactus flower shawl sideways for carole knits

The design is gorgeous.

cactus flower shawl center for carole knits

The yarn is incredible. And it is the perfect 70th birthday present for the woman who never says no to anything I ask.

cactus flower shawl edge for carole knits

I gave it to her the other night and she exclaimed and ooohed and aaaahed over and eventually declared it the best birthday ever.

cactus flower shawl folded for carole knits

I’m so glad I waited until this shawl told me that it belonged to Lois.

I just love it when stuff like this works out so perfectly.

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  1. It is lovely. I can only assume that since it told you it belonged to Lois, she is also lovely. I’m sure she has a pretty great friend.

  2. Lucky Lois! The shawl is beautiful and I’m sure she’ll have wonderful thoughts of you each time she wears it!

  3. Finally her beauty unfolds! Lois is a worthy friend and the shawl is a wonderful homage to a special birthday. Wear it will, Lois. Beautiful work, Carole!

  4. I love when the yarn speaks to you – even after it’s a completed project! It came out great. I’m sure Lois is in love with it!

  5. The workmanship is beautiful, the finishing exquisite, and the colors divine…but, you are correct in saying that it’s Lois’s shawl. What a memorable and wearable gift!

  6. Such a beautiful shawl, Carole — and an even more beautiful gesture. Lucky, lucky Lois! (And lucky you — to have such a friendship.)

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