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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Fox Cowl

Some time last November, as Dale and Hannah and I were riding in the car together, she showed me a picture on her phone and said, KNIT THIS FOR ME. It was a random picture from someone’s tumblr of a little girl wearing a hood that looked like a fox. Very cute. Very Hannah. Very not-on-my-radar.

I said nothing about it but quietly began looking for the pattern and found it on Ravelry without too much trouble. I hiked over to Michael’s to buy the bulky yarn it called for and I cast on a few weeks before Christmas. Of course, I couldn’t work on it when Hannah was home and it was a busy time of year and, well, it didn’t get finished for Christmas.

And then it languished. You know how it is. Until I thought – Valentine’s Day! Finish it for Valentine’s Day. And so I did and it was gifted and received with great surprise and much enthusiasm. She has been wearing it lots and lots and getting compliments and demands from her friends for me to knit more. (I won’t.)

fox hood 1 for carole knits

Finally, last Saturday, we took photos. Please to note: it was snowing. For the 10th weekend in a row.

food hood side for carole knits

My girlie loves to pose wearing handknits as much as ever and we had a fun time of it despite the wind and snow.

fox hood 2 for carole knits

The pattern is very well written, comes in multiple sizes, and knits up fast on bulky yarn. The finishing and the ears and stuff are a wee bit fiddly but not too bad.

fox hood 3 for carole knits

And the end result is so adorable that I didn’t even care about those fiddly bits.

fox hood fav for carole knits

In closing, I just have one question for you. What does the fox say?

You’re welcome for the ear worm. Consider it my April Fool’s Day gift to you.


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  1. Oh, that is so fun! My Erin is always showing me goofy hand-knit things she sees on Tumblr . . . with strong hints that I knit them (we’re talking Medusa wigs, Viking hats, etc.). Maybe I should indulge her . . . once. XO

  2. I don’t know what they say but I do kno Foxes are in!! Super cute!! And you definitely have the perfect model!!

  3. Cute! Someone left a copy of that pattern behind after a show last fall, so it’s in my queue now. I haven’t shown it to WB yet, which is why I haven’t knit one. I suspect that as soon as she sees it I will be getting pressure to cast on. Hannah looks adorable in hers.

  4. Hannah makes the best model! The hat is cute but I can see why you’d only want to do it once…it’s pretty big.
    I made star/snowflake stranded mittens for 2nd DS and then I made him a matching hat. This winter he asks if I have enough yarn left over to make a scarf too. I told him I don’t know and then promptly forgot about it. I spose I should at least see if I do. Umm, thanks for reminding me?? 😉

  5. Wa pa pa pa pa pa pa pow! And thanks for that ear burn! We actually have that song in our exercise class – I’m sure the rest of the Y loves it when we’re all singing loud and proud! Hannah, as always, stunning! The cowl is adorable.

  6. My sister-in-law asked me to make one of those each for her and my niece just before Christmas. Got them done just after the holidays and mailed them out. Got a prompt thank you, a couple of pictures, and an “oh, by the way, your brother wants one too!” I have not yet made his (a 57 year old guy? really?). After two, especially with the fiddly bits, I was kinda done. But I absolutely must do it eventually. You see, my maiden name is Fox. And I have no doubt that if my other nieces saw this one wearing the hood, they would ALL want one!!

  7. I remember another cowl you made for Hannah, a red one – Into the Woods, maybe?

  8. Loving the hood. Not sure I could pull of the ears, but it looks wonderfully warm.

  9. It came out great! And Hannah looks adorable in it (I know – probably not what a girl in her early 20’s wants to be called, but does look adorable!).

  10. My cousin tagged me on FB with a picture of this pattern. I, too, searched and found the pattern, but I haven’t even come close to buying it, nor the yarn. Someday, just for fun…maybe….

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