A Month of Photos: March 2015

Time to look at the photos I took during the month of March.

We started with snow and cold and we ended with flowers. Sure, there is still snow, but it’s melting and there’s hope for spring evidenced in the progression of colors and subjects in this month’s pictures.

march mosaic


It’s the usual mix of food, fun and people – all of the things that I love about life tend to show up here and that makes it a great photographic diary.


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  1. says

    The overall feeling of the colors in your pictures is warm and bright. Despite the cold outside you created a lovely feeling inside.

  2. says

    March looks pretty good, despite the mountains of snow. Here’s hoping for plenty of sunshine, warmth, and flowers in April!

  3. Jo says

    Actually, I thought thismwas one of your best months! The lone tree photo was especially compelling!

  4. says

    I do see spring (coming)! really loving the pops of color in so many of the photos. For the past three months, I’ve compiled my collage at the end of the month, versus day by day. This month, I’m going to do it daily. And I’m wondering if that will impact the photos I choose to take. So…curious – do you think about the composition as a whole, or really just day by day?