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Six Month Photo Shoot

Waaaaaay back in December I got together with Chad and Laura and I took some photos of their little guy, Landon, to commemorate his 6 months in the world. He sure has grown since his newborn shoot!

landon bucket for carole knits

He still fits in a bucket, which is great. I mean, what’s cuter than a baby in a bucket?

landon monkey hat for carole knits

I’ll tell you what – a baby wearing a hand knit monkey hat. The hat was made by his awesome grandma and it’s just adorable. Of course, so is the model.

landon chair with santa hat for carole knits

He was very very serious on this day. Generally known as Mr. Smiley, I could not get him to give it up for me. I like the contemplative look he has in this photo, though. I think he’s thinking about all the little boys and girls on the naughty list.

landon tree for carole knits

We couldn’t resist posing him with a Charlie Brown tree. He was not amused but we definitely were.

landon backside for carole knits

And finally, my favorite. Or, as I like to call it, the Shot of the Day. Just look at that little guy hanging out with his favorite stuffed animal. It’s a cute overload!

I can’t thank Chad and Laura enough for giving me the chance to hang out with their family again!

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  1. What great photos! But oh, for a serious baby. His parents maybe use their phones for photos and he didn’t know what the camera was…

  2. OMG now that is the way to start the day! He’s so cute! The pictures are great, and his seriousness is precious!

  3. He looks like he’s not quite sure about you. Maybe next time he’ll feel more at home with your camera. He is cute overloaded, however! Great looking little guy.

  4. That last shot is great! I would make it my Christmas card. That would get some interesting reactions. You did a wonderful photo shoot.

  5. Adorable!! It’s a big job — framing, focus, lighting, costume changes, and then trying to coax a smile!! I’m sure that these are familiar expressions to his parents. 😉

  6. He’s too cute…you did a super job! Sorry I missed commenting last night – I can’t believe you knit that shawl in such a short amount of time! She’s exquisite! I can’t get felted mittens done in the same time span it seems! I knit a similar shawl for a very dear friend who lost her husband – but I’m brokenhearted to think she truly doesn’t like it – even though I knit it in her very favorite shade of pale blue green. She has never worn it and I’ve never seen it in her house. I’m so happy to know your friend loves your unselfish gift of friendship – it makes all that work so worth it! Hand knit gifts truly are the best…and you, dear Carole, are super woman to finish it so quickly!

  7. oh, he’s adorable! and what fun props/scenes you set up! (if only I had a pot o’ gold, I’d fly you here to take photos of the cutest six-month old in my life 😉

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