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Happy Right Now

I’ve been doing this thing where I look at the window – any window, at home or at either of my work places – and try to not see snow.

Last week, I could not do this.

Two days ago, I could not do this.

Yesterday, though? Yesterday I could look out my office window at the library and not see snow.

I could look out my office window at the COA and not see snow.

There is currently 1 window at home where this is possible but most of them look out on some sort of snow feature.

The good news, though, is that the snow is rapidly shrinking and in it’s place are:

daffodil shoots for carole knits

Daffodil shoots.

three yellow crocus for carole knits

And crocus.

tulip leaves for carole knits

And tulip leaves.

more daffodil shoots for carole knits

And daffodil buds.

These are the little things that are making me very very happy right now.

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  1. welcome spring! (it’s about time you showed up!!) can’t imagine what a wonderful sight those little pops of green must be for you by now!

  2. Joy is the the green poking through! Snow is gone except for the glacier in our pool.

  3. We only have a few stray piles in our yard, and they are mostly plow or snow-blower created. I’ve noticed flower shoots myself – daffodils and lily of the valley! Bring on the spring!

  4. Look how much you have to look forward to! Our spring flowers are fading and the last of the trees are blooming. Enjoy your beautiful spring!

  5. Maybe this weekend! We received an inch of freezing rain / sleet last evening which is now covering the ground. At least I’m getting the most out of my wool wardrobe!

  6. Hosanna to spring! Almost every year my brave tulips pop out of the ground and try to bloom. This year they succeeded gloriosly–woot! Thanks for sharing yours!

  7. Beautiful! It will be a little while still for us to see real signs of spring, but it’s coming. 🙂

  8. The last of our snow got washed away with a series of rainy days this week – hooray! I hope that very soon you can look out every window and not see snow.

  9. I don’t have any of that, but I can look oit selected windows and not see snow. I’m okay with that.

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