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If you had been here this weekend you could have . . .

  • watched lots of House of Cards with Dale and I. We did some binge watching on Friday afternoon and evening and, while it made us feel like slugs, it was actually pretty satisfying.
  • helped me shop for bathing suits at Target. Yes, my friends, our trip to Mexico is mere days away and I wanted something new for the beach. I found 3 suits that I like but there was a lot of back and forth from the dressing room to the display area and if you had been with me you could have fetched the various sizes and styles I wanted to try so that I wouldn’t have had to get completely dressed every time I wanted something different.
  • voted with Dale and I in our town elections. I love our local elections and I would have introduced you to our friends and you could have chatted along with us with the candidates in the parking lot. You would have celebrated with me when you found out that the person I voted for in the one (yes, that’s pathetic, I know) contested election on the ballot actually won.
  • hung out with my dear college friend, Doreen. We would have shared our wine and ate cheese and caught you up on lots of stuff and it would have been awesome

sushi tatami

  • had sushi with Doreen and Jo-Ann and I. You definitely would have enjoyed this was a spur-of-the-moment thing and you would have loved watching these two women, who only know each other through their mutual friendship with me, develop their own relationship with each other. Wine and sushi makes for a great bonding experience. Just saying.

pancake breakfast

  • served bacon to all of the people who came to our Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast on Sunday morning. You could have helped me when I was tempted to eat too much bacon since putting me in charge of the bacon is a little like putting the mice in charge of the cheese. Even without you, though, worked out fine and we didn’t run out despite the copious amounts I served. And ate.
  • sat on the deck and read. You would have loved the sunshine and warm breezes and you would have smiled with me when I walked barefoot across the lawn to inspect the crocus in my father-in-law’s yard.

outside snacks

  • enjoyed cocktails and snacks on the deck with us. You would have chased the sunshine through the yard and marveled at it’s warmth. You would have noticed that the snow is, indeed, finally gone. You would have rejoiced

Wish you’d been here.

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  1. Barefoot? Wow. That hasn’t happened here yet. Maybe umpteen gazillion inches of snow can change a girl’s perspective?!

  2. I wish I had been there also, for the company, food, and to help fetch bathing suits. What a wonderful weekend you had!

  3. I would be happy to run back and forth to get a different suit or size. I know you’d do the same for me. It would have been a glorious weekend to be together! xox

  4. Blinking blindly in the sunlight like moles just emerging from a dark underground tunnel. Maybe it’s time to reread “Wind in the Willows.” That’s always an excellent early spring activity.

  5. Gone snow–good snow! I love that you voted despite the paucity of hotly contested races. I am a political animao (don’t get me going) and it makes me sick to see the composition of many of our government’s institutions is a result of votes by only about 17 percent of the electorate!

  6. Delightful weekend! I am so lucky to have a shop two towns over dedicated to swimsuits and some lingerie. The owner was so helpful this last time I shopped there.

  7. sounds and looks wonderful! (and a few Red Sox wins to boot!) no one can say you New Englanders are taking Spring for granted this year!!

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