Prepping For Another Graduation

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Five years ago when Hannah graduated from high school I was very emotional. (And yes, it’s been 5 years. When you transfer from one university to another and decide to double major it slows things down a bit.) The thought of my baby being done with public school and getting ready to leave the nest was overwhelming and sad and I was, frankly, a bit of a mess.

College graduation, though? It’s a whole different bag. I’m still emotional but in a completely and utterly proud way – there are no sad feelings associated with this experience. Sure, I was proud when she graduated from high school but to me that graduation was a given. Low hanging fruit and all that. College is different, though – it’s the gravy. (Yes, apparently, all of my analogies are about food today.) She didn’t have to go, she didn’t have to finish, and she didn’t have to do so freakin’ well at it. (More on that next week when we are certain of her GPA.)

I’m totally excited about seeing her in her cap and gown and going to graduation on Saturday. I’m stoked to sit through a long, boring ceremony just for that moment when my girlie walks across the stage. I’m looking forward to a family lunch afterwards and an epic party on Sunday.

And yet.

I am generally a very sentimental person and I can’t help but wondering if I’m kidding myself about not being emotional about this. The other day my iPhone was playing music in the car and it was set to shuffle all songs. Pomp and Circumstance came on – very random – and I started to cry. Now, that song always makes me a little teary but before I knew it I had gone into a full blown ugly cry. And yesterday I went upstairs to get something and when I glanced over at Hannah’s room her cap and gown and new dress were hanging on the back of her door and there was suddenly a lump in my throat.

So. Yeah.

I may actually be a little emotional after all.

Hold me.


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  1. says

    I’m sure it will be a wonderful weekend for your family.
    Congratulations, Hannah! Wish I could be there to yell “Huzzah!” as you cross the stage.

  2. Viki says

    Holy smokes! That means I’ve been reading this blog for over five years because I remember the high school generation. Where has the time gone?

  3. says

    Pomp and Circumstance always makes me cry, too. Congratulations to Hannah for having the courage to switch and take a little longer and do so well! You can’t cry too much, because you have to take pictures!

  4. Judy H says

    Congratulations Hannah! I got emotional reading this. I’m picking up my daughter from college today. Year one done! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Sending you a hug.

  5. Jo-Ann says

    So very proud of Hannah! And so very proud of you for raising such a kind, caring, compassionate, smart, funny, and beautiful young woman. Each and every one of those adjectives I’d also use to describe you, my friend. Consider yourself held.

  6. says

    It’s no wonder you’re emotional as your little girl has grown up to become a beautiful, accomplished woman inside and out. She knows her mind, has been strong, and forthright, and she has shone. The apple doesn’t fall for from the tree and she had a great example to follow. She should be very proud of who she has become and you deserve to feel emotional about that. Go Hannah!! Yay Carole!!

  7. says

    Congratulations to Hannah and the whole family! My youngest son also graduates from college on Saturday, and I know I’m a bit emotional. This is a happy milestone to be sure, but it also means he’s several miles further down the road to really moving out. It doesn’t help when they play that darn Pomp & Circumstance!

  8. says

    Here’s a big hug with a cry face looking right back at ya! Enjoy the day, the weekend, the tears! It’s going to be the best! When we meet I’ll tell you about the morning of Dan’s graduation last year. :-) All I have to say is oy! xo

  9. says

    What a lovely young woman you have there. So much to be proud of.

    Congratulations to Hannah, and to you all!

  10. says

    Aw, it’s an amazing achievement — for all of you — and a huge milestone!! It’s no wonder that you’d be a little bit emotional at times.

    I get teary at Pomp & Circumstance, too; Katie’s “preschool graduation” always comes to mind. All those 4-year-olds with construction paper caps and all of us mothers humming the song as the kids collected their “diplomas.” Oh BOOHOOHOOOOOO! 😉

  11. Cari says

    I’ve been following your blog that long?!?!?! time flies. Congrats not only to Hannah but to you as well!

  12. says

    I know you are bursting with pride. And you KNOW you will be shedding some tears on Saturday. Congrats to Hannah on a job well done!

  13. Marcy says

    I’m holding! I get emotional when I think about my son at all! Another biggie is when they get married. It just keeps getting more and more emotional! Congrats to Hannah.

  14. sue says

    It’s called being proud (too small a word for that emotion). And you deserve it to get all teary about it! Congratulations to Hannah and the family who raised her!

  15. Mary K. in Rockport says

    Ditto Margene and also Vicki – no need to say the same thing twice! My big boohoohoo moments took me by surprise. First occasion: older daughter, first day of preschool at age 4, being walked there by her parents, she in plaid dress and little pigtails; a policeman stopped traffic for us to cross – and I totally lost it right there in the middle of the street. Second occasion: younger daughter, age 5, at her first gymnastics meet; the teams lined up in rows, the National Anthem played, a flag unrolled, the kids marched out – and I totally lost it right there in the middle of the bleachers.
    So you are not alone. Why do we do this? I would be hard pressed to describe the mix of emotions I felt at those moments – part of it is almost……grief.

  16. Jo says

    First, congratulations to Hannah and to you. Having such a caring and supportive mother had to have helped immensely. Take plenty of kleenex on Saturday!

  17. says

    Congratulations to Hannah — and to YOU, Carole! Go ahead and be emotional. It’s a big day and a Big Deal. Time goes so freaking fast! Enjoy every moment. (And you have Pomp & Circumstance on your iPod????)

  18. Maureen says

    I’ve walked and continue to walk in your shoes …big crocodile tears with both my kids…far too many examples to share! The best of all is when they give you a grandchild to hold for the first time…wonderful tears of joy! Go ahead and have a good cry, Carole…you’ve earned it…and I’ll be there to wipe away the tears!

  19. says

    Perhaps you are a sentimental type who cries easily? No shame in that. I am not one myself, but the differences among us is one of the things that make life fun. Congrats to Hannah and everyone involved!

  20. says

    congratulations to all of you – doing college well is certainly a family effort! enjoy every single moment of the celebration. and I look forward to reading all about it next week!

  21. Kelli E says

    Congratulations Julius family! Have a wonderful weekend, you have so much to be proud of.

  22. Manise says

    Congratulations to Hannah and you all! Pomp and Circumstance gets me in the same way. And yes I cried at each child’s graduation- HS and college. It’s a bit different each time. but yeah , I hear you. Seconding Margene and Vicki too.

  23. Karin says

    Congratulations! My daughter graduated from college in December, so I understand your mixed feelings. It was a bit surreal, “my little girl is actually graduating from college”, but mostly pure joy and pride. Plus all the celebrating is fun! On to a new stage of life for both of you. What a blessing! Enjoy it.

  24. Kate/Massachusetts says

    Many congratulations and good wishes, Hannah! Its a lot of hard work and you can feel very proud of what you have achieved! Carole, I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you but, ahem, women of a certain age tend to cry a lot. :-) It comes with the “power surges”! Enjoy you festivities!