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The View From Here

I don’t have photos of Frank Harlow Day to share with you just yet. Except for one.

candlelight on the common for carole knits

It’s a little grainy and I couldn’t get it to be truly straight but it’s worth sharing because that is the view you get when you go to sleep in a canvas tent on our town common at midnight. I literally sat up in bed and took this photo with my iPhone right before Dale shut the tent flaps.

It was a very cool sight.

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  1. That is an interesting sight. I once participated in a civil war encampment in our town park; the key word being once. I would rather have been sitting comfortably in the parlor knitting socks during the Civil War than sleeping on the ground in a canvas tent.

  2. That is a lovely shot! (But, like Bonny, I’d prefer being in my Civil War era house . . . than in a canvas tent. Just sayin.)

  3. I’d tent…for a couple of nights. Warm nights. Fun stuff, can’t wait to hear and see all about it.

  4. A little grainy and not truly straight? Wouldn’t those be the sorts of effects photogs might be trying to get IN to such a photo? Great idea to take that snap from there, even if a tad anachronistic, eh?

  5. it is pretty…and I hope it was at least a little warm…and that you had a good air mattress. tent sleeping isn’t my idea of fun even with the view 😉

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